Role of Data Science in the e-commerce industry

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Date sent: 2020/07/03 10:05:36
Today, The data science industry has now dominated almost every other industry across the globe. Every industry is generating and using data today. That is why data is now being called the new energy for the industry instead of the oil. The data science is today could be called as omnipresent as it has its foot present in almost all the industries and sectors such as finance, transportation, healthcare industry, education, e-commerce, etc. The data scientists have transformed every industry entirely for the betterment. These data professionals are in high demand and there are numerous job opening that is not being filled up because of lack of skilled data professionals. To acquire those skills, students are receiving the data science training in Hyderabad and helping the industry to bring out the insights in various industries.
Let us look at one of the industries where data science has done a tremendous job that is E-Commerce. We can understand the advantages and importance of data science in E-Commerce.

Data Science in e-commerce
The e-commerce sector and the retail industries are one of those who have been benefitted most by the introduction of data science. How data science has changed this industry, let us find out.
• Data science enables to identify the potential prospect's base.
• The predictive analytics are being used to predict the goods and services.
• Data science helps in finding out the trends and the buyers behaviour
• Data Science helps in recommending the appropriate products to the customer
• Companies have the opportunity to optimize their pricing according to their customers pocket and competition, this has been possible with data science.

Data Science has given an awesome feature of collaborative filters, where it has created a pillar of advanced recommendation system. The various techniques of data science are enabling the platforms to get insights and useful information on customer’s behaviour. It is based on the purchase history and purchasing style of different customers. The hybrid recommending system consisting of content filter and collaboration helps the industry to transform and create their products tailor-fit to the costumer’s need.

The feedback being provided by the customers have also been very fruitful and given the true perspective of the customers. It has given preference to the natural language that can be analyzed along with various online surveys. The fraud detection system helps in eliminate out the fraud merchants and wire transfer with the advancement and application of machine learning.

Data Science has a wide scope in all industries. A person becomes a data professional after pursuing the data science course has plenty of options to start with. All he needs is to learn the skills and technology in that particular industry.

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