Dermatologist: in which cases to consult?

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Dermatologists also have a role in the treatment of sexually transmitted infections. The dermatological treatments can be local, in the form of creams, ointments or antiseptics, antibiotics, surgical or using techniques like the laser, for example. The conditions treated in dermatology are very numerous.

When to consult a dermatologist?
After consulting your doctor, you should consult a dermatologist when you notice an abnormality on the skin or mucous membranes. A mole that changes appearance should, for example, be examined. Some people are said to be "at risk". These are subjects who are regularly exposed to the sun or the cold, who have many moles or a clear skin prototype.

The UK dermatologist can also be consulted in the field of aesthetics. It is involved in particular in the context of laser or flash lamp hair removal, but also in the processes linked to the erasure of wrinkles (botox, peeling, etc.) and anti-aging.


What does a dermatologist treat?
There are many forms of dermatological lesions and pathologies: shingles, psoriasis, alopecia, eczema, herpes, skin cancer, acne, warts, eruptive infectious diseases ... They are very varied and concern all ages of life. Sexually transmitted diseases are also the recourse of the dermatologist.

What happens during a consultation?
Like all doctors, the psychodermatologist always starts his consultation with an interrogation. He is interested in the patient's personal and family history. It will focus in particular on everything that the skin can experience on a daily basis: climate, beauty products, food hygiene, taking medication or exposure to the sun. Then he proceeds to the complete skin examination of the patient. Samples are sometimes necessary.

How to choose your dermatologist?
Faced with a skin lesion, it is necessary to first consult your doctor who, depending on the diagnosis mentioned, will refer the subject to the most competent dermatologist. It will also analyze the degree of urgency of care in order to obtain a delay adapted to the diagnosis.

You notice something unusual on your skin, so it's time to go see a dermatologist. Take the time to choose the one that's right for you. For this, nothing like a discussion with your attending physician; explain your symptoms to him, and he will be able to guide you to the right dermatologist who can treat you. The adult dermatologist can also be consulted if you wish to use cosmetic dermatology techniques. These techniques make your skin more beautiful, and do not cure a particular ailment but will act on the general appearance of your skin (wrinkles, hollows, thinness, etc.)

More information on the adult dermatologist

The large family of dermatologists is broken down into two main sub-categories: those who work mainly on an adult population, and those who specialize in the care of children. The latter generally have a practice able to receive young patients in a fun and relaxed environment. Adapted furniture, special psychology, and a great knowledge of skin development in children are the main characteristics of a real dermatology specialty.
More information on the children's dermatologist

Who are we to judge the quality of a dermatologist, we who panic every time a small button points the tip of his nose on ours? However, feedback after a consultation is essential to guide future patients in choosing their dermatologist! If you had a pleasant consultation, if you were treated quickly, or if on the contrary your consultation will have been ineffective because not adapted to your ailments, then it should be known! Share your satisfaction (if any) around you when you are satisfied with your dermatologist.

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