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“Well — yes. In modern times, of course”

J. Robert Oppenheimer’s answer to a student at Rochester University who asked whether the bomb exploded at Alamogordo was the first one to be detonated, as quoted in Doomsday, 1999 A.D. (1982) by Charles Berlitz, p. 129

Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb was a student of Hinduism and quoted Bhagavad Gita: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

Atomic blasts fuse sand into glass sheets, such ancient highly radioactive fused glass exists in Northern India, complete with vitrified masonry, mile long craters, and 50,000 year old preserved radioactive skeletons.

There are eons past, where man achieved similar technological advances which we have witnessed in our lifetime and since the steam engine, look at the past 80 years alone, if in a few generations we can go from horse and buggy to space, what have we done in 4.5 billion years? Over and over and over.

And what have we earthlings done with fashion and photography in 4.5 billion years? Read to find out…

I am not going to convince you with hard proof, rather circumstantial evidence, connect the dots to see this picture, we are not alone. If you take a primitive pygmy on a plane ride over LA at night and tell him that no one lives down there, he will ask, then who are all these lights and roads and buildings for? Have you asked yourself….

There are countless galaxies, stars with planets and beings who live all over the universe, the earth is a spec on the outer bands of the Milky Way galaxy and yet there is so much interstellar traffic out there that even we are visited, all the time since ancient recorded times and eons ago.

Ancient cave art and other drawings clearly show craft flying in the skies, detailed writings exist of such alien visitations using unearthly technology which cannot be explained any other way. Dive into the 20,000 year old Sumerian clay tablet technological masterpiece translations of Zecharia Sitchin to read unedited and unretouched juicy details of creation and ET technology.

The Dogon people of Mali West Africa were visited in the 40’s by the French and pointed to the Sirius star as a double star from which aliens had visited them and given them this knowledge, it was only in the 1970’s that we had telescopes powerful enough to see that indeed the Sirius is a binary star system, we now have Sirius A and B.

The visitors have “photographic” recordings of our civilizations, yes there are images of near and far history of man on this planet, if they can travel from other stars, they can for sure snap pictures! Many of man’s space and military activities are accompanied by small metallic orbs, these are unmanned drones which record and reconnaissance our activities, there is much photographic proof of this phenomenon.

I fascinate about their photographic technology, I am sure other advanced civilizations don’t use lenses and shutters, they perhaps bend light using magnetic pull and record the position of photons in a virtual 3D space, what I am sure of is that there is much ancient photography of humans and it would be fascinating to see the near and far times, would be great to look at the ruins of Persepolis and Pyramids when they were pristine and being built, and to see what fashion they wore in the height of past eons.

This ancient and ET photography brings me to my favorite point in this article, universal fashion photography (my daily job at VRset), does ET walk around naked in their spaceship? Of course not, universe is full of fashion and that begs for photography, what’s universal are the three elemental blocks of aspirations, emotions and ego, yes Mahabharata and Ramayana Vimana star wars happened because of the same reason earliest sticks and stone earth wars happened, I fully believe that these three ethereal blocks do exist in other realms, we now get into ancient Biblical scriptures of God’s emotions:

Exodus 32:10–11

Now then let Me alone, that My anger may burn against them and that I may destroy them…

Genesis 6:1–5

…the sons of God saw that the daughters of man were attractive. And they took as their wives any they chose…

Our aspirations, emotions and ego come from the creator who has no doubt instilled them in man and his other creations, again connect the dots, believe and you shall see that advanced civilizations on earth and in universe crossed paths at the intersection of ego, beauty, fashion and photography.

Yes I could have an amazing photographer to photographer talk with one of these extra-terrestrials, and I wonder; do they have B&H?

Here are more interesting reads on about my Fashion Photography adventures in LA!

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