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Date sent: 2020/07/08 04:53:12
I personally believe what people do not see Is the sneakers sold say for instance a 50 dollar pair of Js or 200 dollar Js are actually the same product. What's really a sad reality is that many people have been taken advantage of by the United States capitalization market to make them believe if they are paying higher in there buying authentic that its distinguished from the lower fake,


when in actuality they are both the same thing. Funny the company themselves don't pay that overpriced price. It actually calls for sneakers they send to be made to cost 10 times less we import from other countries. There was a study done where a man looked into Nikes dealings with other countries such as China and came back with staggering details on how US pays $16 to make one pair of Jordans there, so literally did your order change or product change. I believe it would retail after the sixteen dollar make for almost 50, 60, 70 in China since they have such a lower cost of living there. Yet Nike sells the actual sneakers sent from China at or for range of two hundred and four hundred in price, which is capitalization of people's wallets. Gaining more of the money you don't have think it cost sixteen dollars for in China it is sold for fifty dollars why can't it be That much here. I believe the perception is if you pay more then you have better yet and still people are lacking common sense on the truth and that is why there are so many debates on our authentic and fake.


You are expressing an opinion we all share, cheap labor is shitty, though it is the reality we live in. Move to any country that is 3rd world and be prepared to re-wire your brain, because not everywhere are there $8/hr jobs, be prepared to dedicated an entire day for what you would earn in a hour. The grand majority of Mexico is in severe poverty, there are areas where the only thing they know is to farm for their patron (This is slang for "Master"). I luckily don't live in poverty, but I see it every day, and not the USA kind of poverty, I mean the kind of poverty where you have just enough money to feed 2 mouths (There are family's who have got it pretty fucking tough). Do you know where you get your lovely avocados year round? MEXICO. Same thing with mango, all kinds of peppers, etc. What is Mexico known for? CHEAP LABOR! You will find that a lot of the produce in your markets, if they are imported from Mexico, they could have been picked by a child and everyone is paid according to the weight they pick.

I bet some of your car parts were built in Mexico.

The tough part about today is that everything is based off on cheap labor and hazardous working environments. I can assure you that even by buying your phone, you more than likely supported cheap labor.

You want to fight the good fight? Live in the woods? Become a lawyer JK


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