Female Bodyguards Now In High Demand Than Ever

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Date sent: 2020/07/08 10:44:42
There’s always this stereotypical image of the ideal bodyguards that permeates social and media conversation. Many think that the typical bodyguard should a man of about 6’5’’, weighing about 300 pounds and wearing all-black.

Others will think of a bodyguard to be like the tough guys that you are going to find working as bouncers in some of your local joints. But have you ever thought that a bodyguard could be the person you least expect? Female bodyguards still exist, and they are as skilled and powerful operatives as their male counterparts.

There’s A Shortage of Female Bodyguards

Tony Blair, the late Muammar Gaddafi, Xiao Jianhua, Kate Middleton, and David Cameron, all have one thing in common. Well, they are all influential in business and politics in their countries, but that’s not the only thing. They were/are all protected by female bodyguards. You didn’t see that coming, did you?


You could be surprised to find out that your next-door mom, who looks like the typical suburban mom in plain clothes, could be an excellent bodyguard with military training and given the mandate to protect high-ranked individuals.

Undoubtedly, female bodyguards have a great place in the Executive protection niche, and they are not there to drool over or ogle. The demand for female bodyguards has been on the rise for different reasons.

Reasons Why Celebrities and Leaders Prefer Female Bodyguards

The main difference between a female and a male is the size. There is always this assumption that great security comes with bulk. However, this is not true. There are a lot of women providing bodyguard services out there.
Here are some of the reasons why female bodyguards are in demand.

They Easily Blend In

Females are known to blend in easily and female bodyguards are not any different. Females will blend according to need and easily assume a particular role, such as being a nanny, a tutor, a family member, or any other task that will require them to travel with a celeb or a family member.

Blending in doesn’t make them any less qualified or assuming…in case there’s a threat, they will spring in action and, in turn, catch the assailant when they least expect it. Find more details about bodygaurd training; Kindly visit

They Provide Comfort

Different situations call for physical contact with women. Some of these situations might include specific searches or pat-downs. Females make these processes respectful and comfortable for any party involved.

They Are Great at Resolving Conflicts

Women, in general, are good at handling and resolving conflicts. Female bodyguards are great at reading body language accurately, and they are can easily diffuse an intense and take care of the person who is causing a possible threat.

Female Bodyguards Work as Hard

Many think that female bodyguards are not required to do much, or they don’t have to work as hard as males. This is not true, however. For women, the set standards are even higher. For instance, in some executive protective cases, female bodyguards might be required to master one or two foreign languages apart from their native tongue.

In other cases, they maybe required to get a certification of some other activities such as skiing and scuba diving. They have to be prepared for any outcome, and this means staying in shape by running, yoga, cycling, and/or weight lifting.

Executive Protection Is Not Just A ‘Boys’ Thing

Different women today continue to prove critics wrong and dispel the myth that executive protection or security, in general, is exclusively a ‘boy’s’ thing. Come to think about it; it is all about brains and not brawn. Size alone is not enough to diffuse dangerous situations – you also need excellent decision making, agile thinking, among other soft skills.

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