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Why to Get Certified?

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Date sent: 2020/07/09 14:01:03
Yes. Certifications are the one and only ornaments that can make your resume look different and get it shortlisted quick.

Why are they so attractive? First of all, the certification logos (from Microsoft, Cisco etc) are very attractive. I am not joking, yes, they really impress the employers.

For example, if you show an employer two resumes, and the one with Microsoft Certified...Professional/Specoalist logo will be more attractive to him than the resume without the logo on it.

The employers know how much knowledge you need to get certified. They respect knowledge...they want to utilize your knowledge and talent, so ultimately they prefer certified guys with loads of certifications than someone without the certifications.

Do I think that certifications are really a metric for the knowledge? Yes. I do think. Because being a person with multiple certifications, I am aware how much hard is to get certified and how much knowledge I need to pass the exam.

I understand that there are some culprits passing the exams by mugging up the braindumps. But they can not do in every exam and they can not get a good career as they will not have any real world knowledge.

So there is no use, if you just use braindumps. Instead, you may go through the Study Guide and practice using a computer instead of wasting your time with Braindumps. The brain dumps may make you succeed in the exam, but not in real life. So go through the study guides, practice exams, prepare well, gain experience on the subject and pass the exam. It is the best way to brighten your career and land in a better paying job.

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Date sent: 2020/09/11 12:26:24
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