Why It's Important To Wear Appropriate Shoes When Hiking

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Hiking is one of the best workouts. It can help relieve stress and help to explore nature. Hiking can boost your will power. The determination to reach at the targeted point can help your mind to be more willful and more stress bearer.

If someone asks me what is the most important thing for hiking, the straightforward answer will be, Shoes. Why? There are a number of reasons for this answer. Let's discuss some of them. But before going into it, one thing should be clear that Hiking Shoes are the most appropriate shoes for this activity.


Long hikings are great only if your shoes are providing enough ventilation to the feets. Hiking Shoes are especially made for hiking and they are made breathable. It means they provide enough ventilation for the wearer and help him to remain comfortable. With other canvas or suede shoes, extreme uncomfortability is felt as they provide zero ventilation which results in sweat and heat buildup making for poor hiking experience. You definitely don’t want to to have shoes that inspire funny hiking quotes. Comfort is everything!

Stability And Durability:

The major difference between a normal shoe and hiking shoes is the level of stability both provide on the trails, especially that rough or bumpy trail. Hiking shoes are purposefully made for it. They have a strong grip for roads as well for muddy or rocks trails.

Hiking shoes are important because their sewing and build quality is valuable as they will not dump you in the middle of a hiking journey.

Comfort and Protection:

Hiking can be on any tract. This can be a rocky path, a muddy trail or any other trail. But the foot needs support as well as protection from the outside environment. Going with flat boots can cause severe pain in the foot as there are arches in foot which need to be supported. Otherwise, they may be damaged by the uneven path. The sole of these shoes are made specifically to support the feet so they can travel long distances without any issues.

Light Weight:

Hiking shoes come in both lightweight and heavyweight suede shoes. Light weights are generally preferred as they make hiking more easier and comfortable. Using heavy weight shoes requires more energy demands from the body resulting in more oxygen consumption and dehydration. It is best advised to the hikers to wear lightweight and comfortable shoes.

Heavy leather shoes are generally more durable and provide more protection from the external environment as they are made of somewhat hard material. Always try to buy a pair by keeping in mind the qualities and features it provides.

Shock Absorbing Power:

Shock absorbing is one of the best characteristics of hiking shoes. It is the ability of the sole to resist the uncomfortability. With hiking shoes, the cushioning is not compromised. They are specially made for cushioning. Few years back, cushing was mainly provided by rubber but now different synthetic materials are used. They provide more cushing as well as be more durable and provide greater resistance to tear.


Hiking Shoes are the only appropriate shoes for hiking. They have a lot of characteristics. Some of them are discussed earlier and some of these includes:

They are very comfortable.
They provide ankle support.
They are resistant to slipping.
Heavy hiking shoes provide a solid base to lift up a backpack.

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