Insurance Claims for Water Damage

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A leak within the hot-water heater or a broken pipe can quickly damage your home and belongings.

Since water damage is often hidden behind walls, under rugs, and in non-visible areas, cleaning should be done as soon as possible. And nearly always by knowledgeable.

What to try to if you discover water damage to your property
If your home suffered water damage, it's essential to shut off the water source and begin cleaning immediately.

Where to start when fixing water damage
• If the leak is from a broken pipe or appliance, close the most water inlet valve to attenuate damage.
• If you cannot locate the loss or do not know the way to stop it, call a plumber. make certain to save lots of the component that has the fault.
• Call us at 1-800-421-3535 or file a claim online. we'll begin to process your claim and that we can dispatch knowledgeable water damage cleaning service to your home.

Before the Water Damage Repair Professionals Arrive
Ask your claims advisor what to try to and what to not do before the cleaning crew arrives:
• If it's safe to try to so, drain excess water. A wet/dry vacuum also can be helpful. If you're unsure if the water contains sewage or toxic substances, await the professionals to arrive.
• Protect your belongings, particularly wet and absorbent materials. The faster you remove things, the less likely they're to be damaged much or permanently.
• Take inventory and photograph damaged items, noting brand, price, age, and other details.
• Do not remove or raise the ground, as doing it incorrectly could cause more damage.
• Save everything you think has caused the loss.

Documents Needed for Water Damage Claims
• Photograph the damage and move your belongings to a dry area.
• Make an inventory of the damaged items. Includes your purchase date, price, and invoices.
• Take a listing of the things you removed and organize them consistent with what are often recovered and what should be discarded. Your claims assistant can assist you with this. don't discard damaged items until you speak to your claims assistant.

How the cleaning process works
Depending on the extent of the water damage, the cleaning crew:
• Will remove furniture and other items to stop further damage or stains on the ground
• Will remove remaining water with powerful pumps and vacuums
• Use fans, exhaust fans, and industrial dehumidifiers to hurry to dry and stop warping of doors and floors
• Will remove and discard damaged materials
• Will clean, disinfect and deodorize

How the claims process works
The claims assistant will review your policy and explain the corresponding coverage.

When your claim has been verified, we'll arrange the payment of the cleaning and restoration services.

Any payment you receive is going to be supported the coverage you bought and therefore the severity of the damage, less any applicable policy deductibles.

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