Quick Brief On Greek Numerals!

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Date sent: 2020/07/23 04:05:26
I am going to explain how you can read numbers in Greek. To make it easier, I have separated the numbers from zero to one million into seven groups. Also, I have used colour so you could visualize the patterns. The first group includes numbers from zero to ten. The Greek numbers are μηδέν, ένα, δύο, τρία, τέσσερα, πέντε, έξι, επτά or εφτά, οκτώ or οχτώ, εννέα or εννιά, δέκα. We can call the numbers ένα to εννιά 'ones' and we will have to use them all the time. The second group includes numbers from eleven to twenty. The numbers are έντεκα, δώδεκα, δεκατρία, δεκατέσσερα, δεκαπέντε, δεκαέξι, δεκαεπτά, δεκαοκτώ, δεκαεννιά, είκοσι. As you can see the numbers δεκατρία to δεκαεννιά are pronounced as ten plus the number. The next group includes numbers from twenty one to thirty. The numbers are είκοσι ένα, είκοσι δύο, είκοσι τρία, είκοσι τέσσερα, είκοσι πέντε, είκοσι έξι, είκοσι επτά, είκοσι οκτώ, είκοσι εννιά, τριάντα. As with the previous numbers from thirteen to nineteen, we just have to add the yellow numbers to the purple numbers which are called tens. The following group includes numbers from thirty one to one hundred. The numbers are τριάντα ένα, σαράντα, πενήντα, εξήντα, εβδομήντα, ογδόντα, ενενήντα, εκατό. These are the tens, another important category of numbers. All the numbers that are in between those numbers, the numbers ending in one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine can be formed as thirty one, the purple number first and then the yellow number as we did in the previous group of numbers. The next group includes numbers from one hundred and one to one thousand. The numbers are εκατόν ένα, διακόσια, τριακόσια, τετρακόσια, πεντακόσια, εξακόσια, εφτακόσια, οχτακόσια, εννιακόσια, χίλια. These are the silver numbers and their name is hundreds. The next group includes numbers from one thousand and one to ten thousand. The numbers are χίλια ένα, δύο χιλιάδες, τρεις χιλιάδες, τέσσερις χιλιάδες, πέντε χιλιάδες, έξι χιλιάδες, επτά χιλιάδες, οχτώ χιλιάδες, εννιά χιλιάδες, δέκα χιλιάδες. These are the blue numbers and they called thousand. We have to read the yellow number first and then to add the word χίλια if it is a thousand or χιλιάδες, the plural of χίλια if it is more than one. The final group of this short presentation of the Greek numbers, includes numbers from ten thousand and one to one million. The numbers are δέκα χιλιάδες ένα, είκοσι χιλιάδες, τριάντα χιλιάδες, σαράντα χιλιάδες, πενήντα χιλιάδες, εξήντα χιλιάδες, εβδομήντα χιλιάδες, ογδόντα χιλιάδες, ενενήντα χιλιάδες, εκατό χιλιάδες, ένα εκατομμύριο. We have to read the purple number first and then to add the word χιλιάδες, thousand. So, all the groups of the numbers that we have seen so far are the yellow (the ones), the purple (the tens), the silver (the hundreds) and the blue (the thousands). Let's have a look at some examples now. Here is the number one hundred eighty five. We have a silver, a purple and a yellow number and we are going to read them with this order. Εκατόν ογδόντα πέντε. Another number for you. Three thousand two hundred sixty four. Τρεις χιλιάδες διακόσια εξήντα τέσσερα. And another one. Twenty eight thousand six hundred thirty five. Είκοσι οκτώ χιλιάδες εξακόσια τριάντα πέντε.
A bigger one now. Four hundred fifteen thousand six hundred and twenty nine. Τετρακόσιες δέκα πέντε χιλιάδες εξακόσια είκοσι εννιά. And one more. One million seven hundred nineteen thousand four hundred and fifty eight. Ένα εκατομμύριο επτακόσιες δεκαεννιά χιλιάδες τετρακόσια πενήντα οκτώ.
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