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What is Careprost

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Date sent: 2020/07/23 05:57:12
Careprost Eye Drops is a product that acts on the hair follicle of the eyelashes helping it to grow and strengthening it, and your lashes become longer and lighter and darker and stronger. Have you always wanted some cover lashes? Does the effect of mascara never satisfy you? With Bimat Bimatoprost, you can stretch your eyelashes by over 70% in 3 months. Eyelash growth has never been so easy, safe, and useful. It is used every night on the base of the eyelashes with the appropriate brush, and the results will begin to see already after six weeks.

Bimatoprost 0.03% and 0.01% are two presentations marketed in Word that correspond to Careprost and Lumigan Eye Drops. They differ in the concentration of active ingredient present in the eye drops, although they have the same efficacy due to the balance with other components included in the formula. Your ophthalmologist will indicate the most suitable for you. On the other hand, Super Lash are equivalent to Bimatoprost 0.01% that is not currently marketed in the world. Careprost is a medication intended to treat ocular hypertension and glaucoma. Like any medicine applied to the eye, it tends to produce an inevitable transient blur but does not permanently impair vision.

Buy Careprost is an analogous drug to Prostaglandins, and one of the possible side effects locally is the darkening of the skin of the eyelids, it does not have any functional implications at the level of the eyes or vision, only aesthetic so it is not The drug usually changes due to this adverse effect.

On the one hand, it doubles the density of the eyelashes, giving a feeling of thickness and volume. Second, it manages to separate the eyelashes precisely to provide a neat and combed effect. Finally, this mask strengthens the eyelashes with its frequent use thanks to its formulation, based on vitamins and nourishing oils. These 3 effects are achieved thanks to the thin and elongated silicone brush, which manages to reach all lashes.

Maximum result in 3 months!!
The principle of Careprost action. The main active ingredient of Bimat is bimatoprost, which is extracted from sea corals. Moreover, it is this substance that is one of the constituent human tissues. In using this agent for the growth of eyelashes, bimatoprost has the necessary nutritional effect on the hair follicles, resulting in an improvement in blood circulation and metabolic processes in the eyelashes. At the same time, the drug's use is not considered an interference with the functioning of the body, but the amazing effect it has! And harmlessness has been confirmed in numerous clinical trials, as you can see by reading the instructions and composition in detail.

A 3 ml vial of Careprost applied every night has duration of about three months, 70-80 applications.

How does it work?
Bimatoprost Eye Drops is a product that acts on the hair follicle of the eyelashes helping it to grow and strengthening it to make your eyelashes longer than 70% thicker by 80% and darker by 18% and stronger. A 3ml bottle lasts almost three months, about 70-80 applications.

The product should be applied in the evening, just three simple steps:
- Pour a tiny drop into the bottle cap
- wet the appropriate brush in the solution
- pass the brush on the base of the upper lashes just above the eyelid, as if I were wearing eyeliner but only on the lashes without touching the skin, only one pass on both eyelashes.

The results are already seen after 4-5 weeks, the maximum effect in about three months, so that you will have long eyelashes + 70%, thick + 80%, and dark + 13%. After the maximum length is reached about 3 months, the maintenance must be done, because the lashes, like all hairs, have their life cycle (growth, maintenance, fall) each independent, so when the new ones grow, you have to feed them for making them become long like the others, then use the product every other day to maintain the length.
We always recommend a photo of the lashes at the beginning of the treatment and then after four weeks to see the first results.
It is also excellent for the eyebrows where there is no hair, for asymmetries, eyebrows too thin, the final result is seen after four months.

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