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Date sent: 2020/07/23 15:40:34
Keep the height: this rule is valid in all FPS, and it is even more the case in this vertical battle royale where the options to gain altitude are multiple. Generally speaking, running through streets rather than rooftops is risky, since you won't necessarily see your enemies first. You will also be more likely to hit the head while aiming while diving.

When observing Tfue-type players, their technique is to gain height with the Skybreaker or other area damage weapon in hand using a hack teleport into the air or meteor canceled before falling to always aim higher and gain the advantage. Keep in mind that this can still put you in danger for potential snipers further afield, especially late in the game. Make use of the hyper scape cheats there.


The use of hacks can be canceled

Any use of hack can be canceled along the way by clicking the mouse (left or right click), which can be very useful for some such as the bullet, armor that prevents shooting, or even invisibility. Canceling the meteor before falling is also very common; this gives a second use to the hack by allowing it to gain height more quickly.

Activate the automatic weapon switch

It might seem trivial, but this option can save you if you're not the type to properly calculate or watch the status of your charger. By activating this option, the character will automatically switch weapons rather than reloading the weapon when the magazine is empty.
This can be especially useful in the case where you are using slow reloading and low loader weapons, like the Skybreaker which can only fire a single bullet and take long seconds to reload. Moreover, the switch of weapons punishes the player less than other royal battles like Apex Legends, with a fast animation.

After death the game continues

On Hyper Scape, it's not about letting go of your mouse as soon as you are eliminated: the game continues, since you take the form of Echo and can be revived on a beacon provided for this purpose. The problem is, these beacons only appear where enemies are eliminated, meaning that one of your ally's two choices is to stay and fight the squad that defeated you.
It is also not recommended to go on new adventures trying to find a beacon several hundred meters from your allies, since they risk dying on the way without you being able to help them take the information. In addition, where there are beacons, there is generally an exchange of fire, which makes them dangerous areas.

You can also watch games from high-level players on other battle royale or FPS, such as Wisethug , Skyyart or even Oraxe for the French side, who have tried the closed beta of Hyper Scape. Ubisoft has released details of its "Free to play" battle royale shooter Hyper Scape. Hyper Scape is designed for three-player squads and solo players fighting in the futuristic, virtual city of Neo-Arcadia.

The hacks are new here. These are special skills that are distributed on the map and that you collect like weapons. Hacks enable offensive and defensive skills that can be adapted to individual game tactics. Placing a mine, scanning for opponents, protecting the squad with a large wall, or becoming invisible to sneak up on opponents are a few examples.

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