A bartender kit will support every step you take in this profession.

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If you are looking to become a Bartender, open a business, or a bar, you must have sufficient training. You can get knowledge and even study this profession in different places, depending on the country where you live. The experience is ideal and wonderful for you to become a cocktail professional, almost reaching a mixologist.

Bartenders are often guided by various recipes for mixing and serving a wide variety of cocktails or alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. Bartenders are usually professionals who have on hand a bartender kit that helps them in their professional performance. The most frequent places where a Bartender can work are taverns, clubs, hotels, restaurants, and event organization agencies.

What are the types of cocktail preparation?

There are several ways in which you, as a Bartender, can prepare a wide variety of cocktails. There is a clear division that focuses on the Bartender serving dry or elongated drinks, shaping two types of drinks. The most fundamental cocktail equipment that a Bartender must have must be the cocktail shaker, one of excellent quality and made of good material.

Among the diversity of cocktails that exists, which is very large, they are divided as follows: Direct, refreshed, agitated, frozen, and flambéed. The direct cocktail is when the ingredients are mixed with the glass, and the mixture is through layers (B'52, for example). The refreshed cocktail is when the Bartender places ice in the glass and mixes the ingredients with the cocktail shaker.

The stirred cocktail has a very classic preparation in the shaker, such as the Pink Panther. The preparation of the frozen cocktail is by blender with crushed ice, obtaining the Bartender the appearance of ice cream (Margarita and Daiquiri). Finally, the flambé cocktail is the combination of various drinks that the Bartender sets on fire at the end.

What tools does a Bartender need?

Bartender tools are very necessary, important, and vital in the profession. Currently, there is a wide range of products and utensils for a Bartender to passionately practice their profession and make the best cocktails. Among the essential tools are cocktail shakers, mixing glass and mediators, strainers; spiral strainer; juicers; spoons, among others.

There are many types of cocktail shakers in the world, such as the American ones (two pieces of 28-ounce stainless steel). There are also European cocktail shakers (3-piece) and others that are similar. The mixing glass is a simple glass of about 16 ounces where the Bartender prepares cocktails.

Jiggers or measuring glasses are pieces that are made of stainless steel to measure the volume of alcohol. Strainers are another of the most important elements of bartender tools since they serve the drink and prevent accidents. The strainer that is most frequently used by a Bartender is the spiral strainer.

The juicers are essential so that the Bartender can extract the juice from the wide variety of fruits that a cocktail carries. Lastly, the spoons are used to stir the various mixes found in the mixing glasses. There are many more utensils that the Bartender uses when serving cocktails, but they are not usually as common.

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