Beauties on the positive

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Date sent: 2020/07/24 14:24:45
It’s in vain that you don’t believe! The new Barbie Fashionistas dolls demonstrate that beauty can be completely different. The ideal for every girl is how she herself looks. Excellent philosophy, we fully support it!

Who are Barbie Fashionistas ? This is a unique line of toys in 2016, in which, next to thin long-legged blue-eyed blondes, stylish chubby girls appeared on store shelves, miniature girls who at school would probably be in physical education at the very end of the line, as well as very tall dolls, which someone a very ill-mannered one would definitely call them big ... And, of course, now Barbies can have any skin tone and eye shape. Let's get to know each other better?

And we will start with the little ones or, as it is written on their boxes, curvy . These dolls are about the same height as standard Barbies, but are two sizes larger. That is, assuming that the classic Barbie wears a size XS , these beauties choose exactly sure of L . And they are incredibly cute! By the way, after the plus-size Barbie went on sale, a photo of one of the dolls appeared on the cover of Time magazine with the caption: "Now you stop talking about my body?" After such a bold statement and a fantastic makeover, sales of Barbie , which had only been falling for six years (since 2010), suddenly skyrocketed. All that remains is to applaud Mattel, once again hitting exactly the hearts of customers.

However, it should be noted that the designers, creating "fatties", cheated: all curvy , with rather impressive volumes, very graceful ankles and arms, and also always have a pronounced waist. Even here Barbie was lucky with a figure! Well, let's not wait, here they are, our paws with luxurious shapes!

The first is a brunette who chooses a sporty style. The doll comes with three outfits, two pairs of shoes, two handbags and a stylish cap. And again we will quarrel a little: she is not that brunette, chic long hair is tinted in dark purple, and for a full-fledged wardrobe in a sporty style, there are not enough pants or at least shorts. But the outfits, especially the blue perforated sundress, are just envy! By the way, all clothes, especially the dress with black and white vertical stripes, are ideal for the owners of the figure, like a curvy Barbie . Now Barbie is not only a girlfriend, but also a fashion reference!
The same can be said about our second heroine - a charming red-haired girl with freckles - two interesting outfits in a romantic style will be a great idea for the hostess's wardrobe.

And now we present to your attention a whole fashion encyclopedia! Six Barbie Fashionistas dolls! Three with urvy and three petite , that is, "babies". Different types of appearance, but only one suit. However, the outfits can always be bought separately, but you can't easily find such a fashionable gang.

Date sent: 2020/09/11 03:20:24
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