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The process of Kundali matching or Gun Milan has eight steps in total, these are eight Ashtakoota which are matched in order to judge the compatibility of the prospective couple. The different ashtakoota have different significance in the lives and the married life of the soon to be bride and groom. One such the Koota is the Vasya Koota which is used to determine the power compatibility in the prospective couple. It translates to the ability or potential of a person to dominate or influence their partner. So basically, Vasya Koota in Kundali matching helps understand how much the partners will influence one another, this step in Kundali matching helps interpret which partner will have the upper hand in the marriage.
In the process of Kundali matching, an individual may be grouped in one of the five categories in the Vasya Koota:
• Chatuspada or Quadrupeds: This category includes the 1st half of Capricorn, Aries, 2nd half of Sagittarius and lastly Taurus.
• Nara or Human: This category includes Virgo, 1st half of Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.
• Jalchar or Water-dwellers: This category includes the 2nd half of Capricorn, Cancer and Pisces.
• Vanacara or Wild beast: This category includes the Leo sign only.
• Keeta or Insects: This category includes the Scorpio sign only.
In the process of Kundali matching, Vasya Koota only considers the moon sign and the other planets are not considered. As per astrologers, for maximum benefit, the moon signs of both the bride and groom must fall in the same Vasya. The total points to score in this step of Kundali matching are 2 points.

If the couple scores a perfect 2 in the Vasya Koota in the process of Kundali matching, then that means that the couple is highly compatible and they will enjoy a joyous and harmonious marriage. A perfect score means that both the bride and groom will have equal influence on one another; hence they will enjoy a long lasting marriage.
However, if the couple scores a 0, it means that they are not at all compatible and the prospective couple will have to face a number of issues during their married life.
Don’t get disheartened if your Vasya Koota score comes out to be zero, there are a few exceptions to this case. Under the following the conditions, a couple can go forward with the union even if their score in Vasya Koota during Kundali matching is zero:
• If the moon signs of the soon to be bride and groom are friendly, then they can move forward with the union.
• If the boy and girl belong to the same Moon sign.
• If the prospective couple’s moon signs are compatible, they can go ahead with the marriage.

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