The Impact Of Covid-19 On Mlb: Everything You Need To Know

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Date sent: 2020/07/25 11:26:43
The MLB 2020 seasons is set to return on 23rd July amid the COVID-19 pandemic that has shaken the world.Different players in different teams reported earlier this month, and we are just about to witness the return of regular-season games. There is no better place for MLB live streaming than Stream2Watch. Find more details about mlb streaming; Kindly visit on

On 17th July, the league released data from tested players, and it showed a small number of positive cases since spring camp 2.0 started. We have compiled a list of players that have been confirmed positive and those that have opted to sit out for the entire season due to health reasons.

Players began to be tested the moment they started arriving for spring training 2.0, and these tests are set to keep on going on for the rest of the season. The temperature of every player will be taken, and if a player is found to be over 100.4, they will be sent home.

With many players returning to the field and their home ballparks, some have decided to stay at home for this new season. One of the players that won’t feature in the 2020 season is Ryan Zimmerman of Nationals. David Prince of the Dodgers is another big name that opted to stay out on the 4th of July. Braves veterans Nick Markakis and Felix Hernandez will also not be playing in this season.

Players who have tested positive for the virus have to consent first before their names are made public. They must also quarantine for 14 days, test negative and be symptoms-free before rejoining their lads.

Players Who Have Tested Positive for COVID-19

Arizona Diamondbacks

According to ToreyLovullo (the manager), two RHPs,SilvinoBracho, and Junior Guerra, have tested positive for coronavirus. However, both of them were asymptomatic. The manager, later on, also confirmed another coronavirus case. Seth Beer, Bracho, and Guerra have since rejoined the other players.


Atlanta Braves

According to reports, 4 Braves players have tested positive for the coronavirus: Pete Kozma, Will Smith, Touki Toussaint, and Freddie Freeman. Toussaint and Freeman have recovered and joined the teammates. Smith continues to be asymptomatic.

Baltimore Orioles

According to Nathan Ruiz, Anthony Santander, on 15th July, was confirmed to have tested positive for the virus. However, he has since been cleared and joined the team.

Boston Red Sox

According to Ron Roenicke, the manager, Josh Taylor, Eduardo Rodriguez, Darwinzon Hernandez, and Bobby Dalbec have tested positive for coronavirus. Taylor is still quarantining himself in a Boston hotel. Hernandez is still at home whole Dalbec, on the other hand, has rejoined the team.

Chicago Cubs

According to Jed Hoyer, the GM, two staff members have tested positive for COVID-19. There are no cases of players with the virus.

Chicago White Sox

According to the team on 5th July, two players tested positive. The players are asymptomatic and have since quarantined themselves away from their teammates.

Cincinnati Reds

The team added Derek Dietrich to their team on 15th July. This is after the player revealed that he had contracted the virus previously.

Colorado Rockies

Phillip Diehl, Charlie Blackmon, and Ryan Castellani have been reported to have tested positive for COVID-19. The three players tested positive for the virus back in June. Blackmon has since returned to the team.

Kansas City Royals

According to the team on 4th July, Salvador Perez tested positive for the coronavirus. He is still asymptomatic and full of spirit. The team also announced the both Ryan O’Hearn and Brad Keller also tested positive for the virus.O’Hearn is asymptomatic, while Keller has exhibited minor symptoms.


Cam Gallagher, on the other hand, announced to have contracted the virus on 11th July. This was after he had taken part in an intrasquad game. He still remains to be asymptomatic.

Los Angeles Angels

According to the GM, Billy Eppler, two players tested positive some time back in June. He, however, didn’t disclose their identities. According to Eppler, one showed mild symptoms, and the other was asymptomatic.

Los Angeles Dodgers

According to ESPN, the president of baseball operations for Dodgers, confirmed that some members of the club had tested positive for COVID-19. However, Friedman didn’t point out whether some of those members were active players. He added that none of those with the virus had symptoms that have provento be problematic.

Kenley Jansen reported late on 12th July. He disclosed that his delay had been caused by previously testing positive for the virus. The same also happened to A.J Pollock, who also reported late on 17th July.

Miami Marlins

According to Craig Mish, four Marlins players had tested positive for coronavirus. Their identity, however, has not been made public.

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