Music education. How can it help in the future?

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Musical education, a system for training professionals in the field of musical art - composers, musicologists, performers, derezzes and many others. Music was given a large place in court and ritual ceremonies, military parades and campaigns, folk festivals, but in our modern world, in ordinary schools, sometimes people may forget about it and not learn in depth all its beauty and mystery.
In most European countries and in English-speaking states, many hundreds of years ago, singing schools appeared at monasteries and cathedrals, then universities. In the 15th century, metrizas (the so-called choral schools with boarding schools were called), whose descendants were the largest representatives of polyphonic musical art, such as Orlando Lasso and Guillaume Dufay, whose music you can now hear not only in commercials, but also on modern music platforms such as
Since the Renaissance, the secular trend in the art of music and the associated training of instrumentalists and singers for court theaters and orchestras has intensified. Therefore, we can safely say that music education does not lose its momentum in development in our days, but even so, many neglects it. Why do we need musical education? and How can we benefit from it in the future?

Why do you need a music education?

]Nowadays, music education is increasingly depreciating, why waste energy and so many years, if you can simply turn on the music center button or run a music program on your computer, isn't it better to pursue economically more profitable specialties.
Education is a way of educating yourself, your mind and the ability to perceive and master new ideas and ways of acting. It is musical education, better than any other, that contributes to these goals. And why?
Because music is a giant accelerator of the general development of any person, as well as a newborn child and an already mature personality.
According to world researchers, people who have been making music for a long period of time have more closely connected left and right hemispheres of the brain, which means that creative ideas born in the right hemisphere will have a better chance of being realized.
People who have any writing or reading problems can deal with them through singing. Thus, it is singing that is the strongest catalyst for verbal memory, expanding the volume of memory, and the ability to think multichannel.
Also, people who decide to associate themselves with music have mathematical thinking. The intellectual level of those who go in for music rises several times.
Thus, we can conclude that musicians look ahead much better, react much better to complex stimuli, they need much less time to recognize the signal.

Music and social skills

Music is the oldest of the arts. Its history dates back to a variety of rituals and social ceremonies, both religious and domestic.
Since ancient times, musical art has been based on communicative archetypes: there is not and cannot be a musical expression through which it would be impossible to decipher the relationship between "speaker and listener", to imagine the atmosphere and mood accompanying their communication.
Over the course of several years of study, they get acquainted with different characters, the nature and manner of communication of which is associated with certain musical styles: with the philosophically sophisticated Bach, the gallantly lively Mozart, the sentimentally sensitive Tchaikovsky or the harsh, offensive Prokofiev. We can say that music as the art of sound communication adjusts the "communicative apparatus" of students accordingly: they master the skills of "emotional hearing". Moreover, psychological experiments confirm the connection between musicality and the so-called emotional intelligence: the more musical a person is, the wider his musical experience, the easier it is for him to recognize the moods and emotional states of other people, and this will be useful to each of us both today and tomorrow. ...

Music and we

Music also influences the social behavior of our children. According to the American researcher, children who sing in the choir are less involved in criminal activity, those who played the instrument are almost never involved in criminal gangs, and those who know sheet music and can sight-read never become criminals at all. An interesting fact, isn't it?
Moreover, people who gave their soul to classical music are more tolerant of music of other styles: jazz, rock. Rappers love rappers, rockers - rockers, and only "classics" love everyone and are ready to lend a hand to everyone. But it is known that those who receive at least elementary musical education listen to classical music.
The contemporary role of music has changed significantly. Music has lost the force of an extraordinary event in a person's life. And if even now, to listen to a new composition or watch a theatrical performance, we still make some effort ... But music is everywhere! Even if a person does not want to communicate with music, it cannot be avoided in the modern world. Even a small person has unconsciously formed structures for evaluating music that his parents offer him. To change, to direct the perception of the best examples of musical culture in a positive direction, all the subjects of a music school in any part of the world are called upon. These are the main points that can educate a musical cultured person in our time through the joint efforts of teachers of musical trends and parents.

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