Enhance Your Style with Skull Earrings

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Some call them outrageous, another thinks they are spooky, and others believe they are super cool. One thing is for sure, skull earrings don’t leave anyone indifferent. If you dare to enhance your look with this bold accessory, intrigued looks are guaranteed.

Why Skulls?

A skull is one of the most ancient and commonplace symbols in mankind’s history. It has so many meanings, often diametrically opposite, so that every person can find something to relate to. Ancient tribes noticed that when a person died, its flesh turned into dust but bones and the skull remained untouched. For this seemingly indestructible quality, our predecessors bestowed the meaning of eternal life and resurrection on the skull. They often utilized skulls of departed fellow tribesmen, enemies, and animals in various rituals to call on their forces or help cure diseases.

Since the cranium is where the brain is accommodated, as soon as people understood that a brain is our head computer, they came up with another meaning – the skull became a synonym of intelligence. This significance is widespread in alchemy. Skulls were often depicted together with a snake, another symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

Along with positive meanings, skulls have plenty of negative ones. Everybody knows that we use this symbol to indicate death and danger. Indeed, it is common for poisonous substances, for example, to be labeled with a skull sign. Avoid dealing with it, or else… In the same meaning, skulls are often present in military insignia. First, people drew skull images for themselves, as something to motivate and give strength in a battle. Later, this symbol became a message for an enemy saying that everyone who dares to go against these warriors is sure to meet with the creator. To this day, the skull is often seen in military uniforms or squad banners. The military gave it another significance – everyone who proudly wears a skull manifests himself as a brave and fearless person.


The list of meanings the skull has can go on and on. It is a patron of rogues and rebels (just look at the Jolly Roger), it protects people who wear the Death’s mark (at least, bikers think that), and it is a symbol of equality (again, this is what bikers believe in – everyone is equal in a motorcycle club). Be as it may, the skull is a versatile symbol and it can signify pretty much everything. If you give your skull a unique meaning, it will accept it.

Models of Skull Earrings

The skull is bad-ass, so do earrings carrying this symbol. They are a perfect match for bikers, Goths, rockers, as well as fans of outrageous fashion trends. So, what are your options?

First of all, the most popular are skull studs. They are normally small in size but quite noticeable. Classic skull studs are made of silver but you can go with white gold, platinum, and stainless steel as well. Skull symbolism doesn’t really go well with yellow metals, so leave gold for something else. If you want your skull earrings to flash some vibrant accent, opt for skulls with ruby, emerald, or sapphire eyes.

Another daring model is skull hoop earrings. A skull might sit in the center of the hoop or there might be a handful of skulls placed all over the hoop. The choice is really up to you depending on how many skulls you want to go with. A cool option is a stud featuring a skull with a hoop attached to it – it is original, eye-catching, and audacious.

Even more original are skull cuffs. Such a piece may cover the entire ear commanding even more attention to the wearer. Although this accessory is believed to be for ladies, men can also rock it. Of course, if they are bold enough for something that huge.

Metals, Materials, Gems

As we have already mentioned, yellow is not the number one choice for skull jewelry (although if you really enjoy it, who can stop you?). Instead, you can benefit from skull earrings in a silver finish. Generally, silver and skulls have very close ties, since both are somewhat mystical and have a connection with the other world. Your silver earrings might be meticulously polished for extra sheen or matted if you prefer a more stylish appearance. Blackened or oxidized silver is always a win-win situation since it highlights small details and adds some extra depth to engraved or embossed designs.

Stainless steel is a nice substitute for silver. Most people can’t tell them apart anyway. Steel is cheaper and it will never tarnish, unlike its precious counterpart. However, some people have allergies to non-precious metals.

Both silver and stainless steel looks awesome with contrasting inlays, whether it is enamel or gems. The latter are normally clear (CZ stones, topaz, diamond, etc.) or black (onyx, for instance) but you can go with more vibrant colors provided by emeralds, garnets, sapphires, or amethysts. These are nice options for men’s and women’s skull earrings alike.

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