8 Tips for Hiring the Right Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer

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Date sent: 2020/07/30 21:48:52
In 2020, searching for legal representation for an injury is as easy as typing "phoenix personal injury attorney" in the search bar of your smartphone. While this simple act will populate options, we advise against choosing any attorney. In fact, there are several criteria that you should consider when choosing a Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney.

When you're sick, you don't just go to any doctor. You find a doctor who specializes in the medical area of your condition. The same selection process should apply when selecting an attorney. Each lawyer has a legal area to which he devotes most of his attention. As a result, these attorneys become familiar with the processes necessary to successfully resolve these types of cases. Choosing an attorney to represent clients with a situation similar to yours is the best way to ensure that you are fully represented.

While we encourage you to hire an attorney as soon as possible, it is also important that you research and hire the right attorney for your case. Consider the following best practices when selecting an attorney.

1. Trial experience
Finding a Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney is easy, however finding an experienced personal injury attorney, not so much. Hiring an experienced trial personal injury attorney ensures that an accident victim will receive the verdict they deserve. This is because trial attorneys are not afraid to take a case to court. Attorneys who lack trial experience will be more likely to settle or will need to hire a trial attorney. To maximize the time and compensation you receive, it's best to hire an experienced trial attorney from the get-go.

2. Resources
The experienced trial attorney you hire must work within a firm that has the means to bring your case to trial if it does. Trials can be expensive and sometimes require expensive experts. It is important to hire a lawyer who spares no expense to tell your story and prove your case in court.

3. Proven success
Hiring an attorney with a successful track record increases your chances of a favorable recovery. While it may be tempting to exclude an attorney from the process entirely, it is important to recognize that attorneys are experienced in dealing with insurance companies day after day.

4. Focused practice
When hiring a Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer, you want to hire an lawyer who only deals with personal injury. There are some lawyers who try to do everything. While it is okay to hire a company that has several different departments, it is important that you research the attorney that you hire. Qualified personal injury attorneys have an extensive biography detailing their experience and success in their area of work.

5. Represents only personal injury victims
There are some companies that represent both victims and insurance companies responsible for paying claims. However, it is important that you choose a company that does not have this type of conflict. To ensure that you are receiving the best possible legal representation, the attorney-client relationship should not have any factors that can influence the way you are represented.

6. Testimonies / Reputation
Ask your friends and family for recommendations from attorneys. These personal connections can direct you to a compassionate attorney.

7. Contingency
Many people avoid meeting with a lawyer because they fear the costs. However, a good personal injury attorney will take your case without upfront fees. We say this makes a personal injury attorney good because it means they will work harder to ensure you receive a favorable recovery. At The Carlson Law Firm, we are not paid unless we successfully resolve your case.

8. Disciplinary record
Lawyers can be disciplined for various reasons. Anything from failing to pay your fees to serious ethical breaches, such as non-payment of child support, can lead to disciplinary action. When you hire a lawyer, it is important that you understand the disciplinary actions, as well as whether or not they are eligible to practice law in your state. It is totally fair to ask about any disciplinary action during a consultation.

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