The Best Ways to Dominate 2020 with Social Media Marketing

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Date sent: 2020/04/06 02:46:41
The business industry is greatly influenced by social media marketing. The marketing professionals all around the world are eager to find the best ways to capture audience attention online. As a higher number of people spend their routine time on social media channels, business owners want to ensure higher engagement on these platforms.

If you are also associated with the business industry and are looking for the best ways to dominate the competitive market in 2020, it is good to follow expert advice. Studies reveal that almost 62% of social media users in the United States prefer to make their buying decisions on social media platforms. The trend is going to be more viral in the coming years ahead. Hence, the new age marketing professionals need to use social media more creatively to ensure the best results.

Best Ways to Dominate 2020 with Social Media Marketing:

Below we have listed a few trusted ideas to prove your edge in the competitive market with social media marketing:

1. Lead generation with user data:. Every growing brand needs to value user data, whether it is in terms of comments, votes, likes or followers. In fact, they are some of the most important measures to build a solid reputation in the market. User Data that you collect via social media platforms can be further used for lead generation. Experts say that those leads can be easily converted into sales while building stronger connections with the audience. You should use social media platforms as best feeder sources to capture data such as names, geographical details, phone numbers and email addresses of the audience.

2. Private messaging on WhatsApp: It is possible to make a noise in the market by developing a personalized relationship with your potential buyers. The close social media connections can further lead mouth-based recommendations and you will naturally receive more traffic online. The idea is to engage with the audience via WhatsApp messages. You can create some promotional groups on these instant messaging apps and keep your audience up to date with the latest niche details. It is the best way to spread awareness about your brand while building organic credibility in the market.

3. Work with influencer marketing: Ranging from LinkedIn to Twitter and Instagram, influencers can be found almost everywhere. So, if you are looking for branding campaigns, it is first important to learn how to make the best out of your influencers. Businesses that know the creative ways to utilize influencers for promotions can definitely succeed in the competitive market. They can also help you get instant Facebook likes in bulk amount and you will naturally find a way to grow up. If we look at stats, it is predicted that by the end of 2020, the value of the influencer market will grow up to $6.5 billion in the business sector. In this scenario, every growing business needs to make the best out of these potential sources.

4. Work on privacy and security concerns: In order to keep your customers satisfied and happy, it is first important to work on the privacy and security terms. Right from the security breaches to online conversations, everything must be kept safe. People trust those brands more that value their privacy and promise safe handling of data. The trend of dark social media is rising, and in this scenario, you need to prove your brand trustworthy for the audience. Understand the security concerns of your audience and serve them with the best facilities.

5. Use GIPHY: How can we forget to talk about GIFs? They are one of the most amazing additions to the social media market. It is now easier to capture audience attention with small animations that can be uploaded in the form of GIF images. In the busy schedules, people don’t find time to watch lengthy videos. And at the same time, the images don’t leave a direct impression on viewers. In this situation, GIFs offer the best solution for your needs. GIFs can help you better in growing your brand but make sure you use relevant and genuine content. The ideas for GIF creation must be relevant and they must serve audience interests. They can soon help to lead more brand awareness in the market.

6. Utilize multi-platform marketing ideas: In 2020 and ahead, it is not possible to achieve the desired success with only one or two social media platforms. Rather, you need to enhance your reach by using a multi-platform marketing strategy. Prefer to target a wide range of audiences on different platforms depending upon their interests, geographic locations and preferences as well. It is the best way to keep people aware of your latest services and products. Maybe the younger generation is more active on Instagram and the aged ones can be found on Twitter. You can create unique campaigns to target their interests on different platforms accordingly.

7. Use social media analytics: Another important advice from experts is to use social media analytics in a more creative manner. The idea is to follow the latest analytics tools to track the success of your campaigns. These tools can generate valuable reports for your content, and you will soon be able to improve your future promotions. Efforts made on analyzing existing strategies can take your brand to a whole new level with more success rate.


So, now you have gone through some interesting ideas to promote your brand on social media platforms. Prefer to stay active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn as they serve prime traffic to most of the businesses. At the same time, analyze the social media strategies of your competitors so that you can improve by looking at their ideas. The latest technologies and tools can help you to lead more engaging and efficient returns in the long run. One needs to be creative with all social media campaigns to achieve desired results. It can soon help you beat the competitive forces in the market.

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