5 Key Differences Between Web Design and Web Development

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Date sent: 2020/08/11 08:03:24
Have you been under the impression that web design and development are the same? It's quite normal for people to use it interchangeably. However, these two are two different aspects of website building. This article will help you understand the main differences between the two terms.

Why should you know the difference between web design and development?

We tend to use both terms interchangeably when it comes to developing a website. You need to understand the difference between design and development as they relate to varied skill sets. If you were to entrust any Website design agency to come up with a website or looking to pursue a career in any one of these fields, you should be knowing the basic differences between these two terms.

Let’s take a look at the 5 key differences between web design and web development.

1. Going by the name –

Designing has more to do with the way the website looks. Naturally, the process revolves around creating the right layout, appearance, and user interface for a website. It is more concerned with the different visual aspects such as color, themes, pictures, and website layout.

Web Development relates to bringing the website into existence. It involves writing codes using various programming languages so that the website functions properly.

2. Skills Required –

A web designer should have a good knowledge of design software such as Adobe and other tools that help create the User Interface and User Experience aspects of the website.

Web Development should have a good grasp of programming languages such as HTML, PHP, CSS, Java, etc., to create a fully functional website.

3. Work steps –

Designing a website involves creating the graphics, logo design, formatting, layout, selecting color palettes, and typography of the website.

On the other hand, developing relates to getting the download on the web design from the designers, converting the static web layout into a dynamic and interactive website, creating web pages using the programming language.

4. Order in the process –

Designing the website comes first as the programmers will need a fair idea of how the site has to look.

The website design is one of the main inputs for starting the process of developing. Programmers begin the process of coding and developing only once they get a download from the web designers.

5. Art vs. Science –

Designing is more creative as it has to do with the imagination and creativity of the designer.

Whereas developing is more of a science, and one needs to get the coding right to get a fully functional website.


We believe this gives you a clear-cut idea of how these two processes relating to building a website are different and, at the same time, complementary to each other. Both these processes are critical in creating a website for business. Web designers and developers often work hand in hand to give users a seamless experience while using the website. As always one can take help from a digital marketing agency to get the work done.

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