Mobile application for business: from idea to value

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Mobile application for business: from idea to value

ach owner wants to create his own application for mobile gadgets, even if he does not talk about it.

Just imagine, people can make an order with you or consult an operator after a couple of taps on the screen.

And how much is the image component in the words “We have our own mobile application for business”. This is all very cool. Just not as simple as it seems.

For those who are just starting a business and do not plan to build the entire business on one mobile application, this article will now be useless.

Since you need to start the mobile application for those who already have a stable sales flow, with which you will strengthen the application.

On our (this) blog 50% of people come from mobile applications. Moreover, their share is growing every day.

And this once again suggests that "mobilization" is proceeding at a frantic pace. Therefore, many sites create a mobile version, however, which we did with our blog.

But even if mobile devices absorb all the traffic, this does not mean that everyone needs to create their own mobile application for business.

Therefore, you need to be clearly aware that not everyone needs their application and maybe even in the future it will not be necessary.

To understand the need for business applications, you need to determine the goal for yourself and understand how it will increase the company's profit.

After all, two main goals that pursue the creation of mobile applications can be distinguished:

Sales growth
Service enhancement
Moreover, the most interesting thing is that according to the latest analytics, the second point prevails over the first.

And this once again confirms that companies come to the creation of their service only after they have reached stable sales, and not vice versa.

This is if you designate global goals, if they are divided into sub-goals or individual tasks, then you can form more interesting conclusions that will help you understand why you need your application. I will give a few examples from the world and our customers.
Detuning from competitors
Each of us wants to find the “blue ocean”, to find our own unique selling proposition. Perhaps it is the mobile application that will help you do this.

For example, the global company Uber (taxi) abandoned the classic operators and created an application where people can order a car in a few clicks.

Moreover, during the order they see where which car is and how much they will have.

You can do the same. Only you must clearly weigh all the pros and cons in advance.

As you can see above, taxi has a fairly massive market. Therefore, if your target audience is quite limited, you should think again.

Although you do not have to consider the application as the only channel of interactions with you. You can make it additional, for detuning from competitors.


Product selection and ordering
An elementary task for which mobile applications for business are created.

We can especially notice the realization of such a task at clothing stores. Through them, it is more convenient for people to choose and order goods.

An application with the same task we can notice on bulletin boards, for example, Avito.

One of our customers also decided to create an application for this task, only changing the concept.

Namely, he produces photo wallpapers and sells them through dealers (retail stores).

And since not all photo wallpapers are available at dealers, he bought tablets for each store, where he downloaded the application, where the client can select the actual sketches on the spot and leave the order through the dealer.
Loyalty program
It’s rare when a company personally creates an application with the goal of increasing customer loyalty.

Most often these are ready-made applications to which you connect for an additional fee. But if you are one of those who like to keep everything under control, then this is your choice.

For example, we introduced a mobile application for a chain of coffee houses, where visitors could track their accumulated points and make a table reservation.

But for one point tracking and table ordering a whole application is a lot, therefore, additional functionality was introduced, which through push-up notifications notified the client about new promotions.

This is another task for which you can make an application - for the distribution of new promotions and offers.

Moreover, we did it smartly at the coffee shop, namely, when a person was within a certain radius of our establishment, he received a notification with a promotion valid for an hour. Here is such an interesting example for a small business.

Work organization
Another of our clients, when selling a franchise, realized that for the organized work of all franchisees, they need a common system where they can manage their orders and regulate all technical issues.

Thus, he created an application that every employee of the company put on his phone.

In this application, each employee sees his own panel and performs all the work operations in it.

For example, took an order or fixed a marriage. Firstly, it is convenient, secondly, it creates a common eco-system for all franchises, and thirdly, this approach has increased profits by reducing time costs.

Support Service
I love such long and strategic actions. You create a service that is not directly related to the increase in profit

Your company, but which helps customers solve their problems. The principle of operation is this, for example, you create a service for modeling the design of apartments. That is, you give the client to create his own apartment design. Point?

Not! Comma. During the process, users will realize that design is not so simple and what thoughts will appear in their head?

Contact a design studio. More precisely, he will turn to the design studio that created this beautiful application.

Just do not forget to make the capture forms so that the client understands that you are not only the founder, creator, ideological mastermind, good person, but also a designer.
Building a house is a tedious process (I think so), but developing an application is exciting.

True, one creative can not do here, it is necessary to provide for a lot of technical issues. Therefore, now we decompose all the steps that include the development of mobile applications for business into stages and determine the cost of creation.

Step 1. Define the platform
In the circles of developers, it is customary to ask: “Native or cross-platform application?”.

You need to decide whether you will make the application for all platforms or for just one. Now there are three popular platforms in the world: iOS (+ apple watch), Android and Windows.

The agony of choice is very exhausting. The most popular iOS platform. BUT! You do not need the most popular, you need the one that your customers use.

Most likely it is either iOS or Android. To understand this, go to the site’s analytics and see which platform your clients come to you most often.

Average term: 1/2 day

Step 2. Functionality
I deliberately skipped step 0, where we should select the application task, since we discussed it earlier.

And until you find the answer to this question, you can not proceed to step two. You don’t know what you are doing, you don’t know what you are doing.

You need to decide on the functionality, at least the main one, and better with everything.

For example, will there be integration with social networks, will there be the possibility of online chat, will there be offline access or the possibility of payment via phone. All this will affect the next steps.

If you had no prior experience in development, then rely on analogues, including foreign ones.

If there are no analogues, then with God ... Assign a day of brainstorming and think. Not an hour, not time, but a day. You can’t think of everything quickly.
Average term: 1-2 days

Step 3. Prototype
The prototype is your future mobile application in a schematic design (not in design).

I like to call him the heart of the project. Because the creation of a prototype is one of the most complex and intellectual works. Therefore, run away from those companies that offer to create it for free.

In our article on how to create a landing ourselves, we described the prototype development process.

The sequence is very close. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you study this material. A prototype is needed for both the designer and the programmer. Explanations in words will not work.

I will summarize all the requirements for two thoughts. First one. You need to create a prototype where the consumer, after a minimum of actions, gets to the necessary page or fulfills what he wants.

The second main idea. Nothing more, just what is needed. Otherwise, the client will replace your application with another because of “nerves”.

Clever phrase. Creating an application that will work is easy. And to make an application that will perform its task is difficult.

Average term: 1 week
Step 4. Design
In the article about website design, we decided that design does not affect sales.

The main thing is to be comfortable and enjoyable. Let us dwell on the word - convenient. I will give some recommendations on how to achieve perfection in this.

We use large elements. Management takes place with fingers, and it’s not so easy to get into small objects + not everyone has good eyesight.
The distance between objects. If active objects are close to each other, you may encounter accidental pressing of other buttons.
Simplicity. You do not need a large number of elements and parts. We do everything in the most restrained colors. Advice is optional, but necessary for many.
I know dozens of applications with amazing design and zero popularity. And also I know dozens of applications with terrible design and wild popularity.

Important. Design is important, but convenience and utility are more important.

I want to highlight the application icon as a separate item, it should easily be found among other icons.

She should stand out and urge to click on her. With 5-10 icons, this is not so important, but people install more and more applications every day, which means that it is important for us to be a cut above all.

Average term: 1 week

Step 5. Programming + fixing bugs
The process is obscured by darkness for most ordinary people. Because if people still know the HTML code on which the sites are written, then the business people hear the code on which Swift / Java / XML applications are written.

This imposes an additional amount on the development, since there are much fewer such specialists. And I'm not talking about good professionals.

The task of the programmer is to pull the design onto the code. In ordinary life, this is comparable to setting up a tent on the rails, after which it only takes shape.

This process is not fast. Logically, the more complex the design and functionality, the more complex the process and the longer the time.

An integral part after development is checking for bugs (problems). Nowhere without them.

The human factor in this work has a place to be. Moreover, you need to check not only the technical component, but also the visual display on different devices.

Average term: 2 weeks
Step 6. Publish the application
Placement of your creation in the markets of apple, android and windows is not free. This business costs from 25 to 300 $.

The cost depends on the platform and on the person hosting the application (legal or physical).

But this is not the most difficult one, you need to sign the application with a digital certificate and correctly fill out the application in special sections.

In Appstore, this is the “iPhone Developer Program”, in android it is the “Google Play Console”.

When publishing, you will need to add your own icon, which we developed at the design stage, you will also need to add a description and several screenshots, and preferably a video with screenshots.

This information needs to be prepared “most delicious”, as it will be decided on it to download or not.

You can refuse to host on these platforms, but then you will encounter a large number of problems when transferring applications to your customers.

Up to the impossibility of installing on their devices. Therefore, it is better to consider this a mandatory measure by default.

On a note. On Google Play, application moderation takes about 2 weeks, Android moderators are more loyal. But in the App Store, moderation takes about 1 month, but it is very difficult to go through it.

Average term: 2 weeks

Step 7. Marketing
Many entrepreneurs believe that the main thing is to create an application, and then everything will be fine.

But this is the same as starting a business and hoping that the clients themselves will go to you. Just creating is not enough, you still need to attract subscribers.

This is where marketing and all its tools come into play. The most obvious way is to translate visitors to your site with the words “10% discount when ordering through the application."

Almost all companies that have a visited site use this trick.

For the rest, you need to use classic methods that are no different from those that you use to attract customers to your company. Our blog and our articles will come to help you. Start with these:

On this topic:

1. Channels and methods of advertising on the Internet;

2. Effective advertising. What is she ?;

3. Targeted advertising on Instagram: setting;

4. Facebook advertising. All about targeted advertising;

5. Promotion in contact: a guide to action.

Yes, it is not free. This will require an investment. It will be free only if there is an accumulated customer base.

Moreover, when promoting on social networks through targeted advertising, you will find special types of messages through which you can immediately without leaving social services. network, install the application.

Average term: always
“How much does it cost to develop a mobile application?” - a question to which you wanted to know the answer at the beginning of the article, but I deliberately decided to talk about it at the end.

Otherwise, you would not appreciate what you pay for and what pitfalls may arise. And they are, and there are many of them.

The team of the following specialists is involved in the creation process: project manager, marketer, programmer, designer.

You can add a tester here, but these are delights for small businesses (most on the market).

Therefore, the minimum cost of developing a mobile application will be 100,000 p.

For this money, you can get an application, for example, food delivery. Where the client can choose the necessary dish, form and pay for the order. The directory is synchronized with your site (it must be).

The maximum cost of the application will be limited by your Wishlist. The last time we counted 950 thousand for the client application.

We are glad that at least rubles. But you can’t say that this is a lot, because there really is a complex project for 5-6 months.

The average temperature in the hospital is 300 thousand. For this money, you will satisfy your basic needs and build chips to differ from the market.

The development period of such a miracle will be about 3 months of work. To get a decent product, focus on this cost.

As a rule, the initial estimate always increases by 20-30%, because during the development you get crazy ideas and you want to introduce a new chip, and anyway if this is the stage of the project completion.

And for all additional work you pay separately. Therefore, we agree on everything on the shore.

mobile application for business refinement
Very funny ... pay separately
By the way, the price of a mobile application is large, not only because it is developed in a complex programming language (more complicated than the web).

The main problem is that business requires applications that are quite complex (in terms of programming) and their functionality is developed as an additional service that is installed on a separate server.

This service can be either in the form of an online store or in the form of a CRM system, which imposes additional complexity on the development, since knowledge of other programming languages ​​is required.

Today, almost all mobile applications have a complex client-server structure, which increases the development budget by many times.

Phones in terms of their characteristics simply will not pull the job with the required functionality, so they only give an answer to the question that is processed on the server / service.
Application builder, freelancer or agency?
And finally. You can contact the company, you can find freelancers, or you can create the application yourself. The choice is yours. There are pros and cons in everything.

Finding freelancers is no different than finding a specialist when creating a landing page.

The main difference is the amount of design and the programmer, he must be able to program on the platform code (apple, android, windows phone). The main plus with a freelancer, the cost will decrease by 20-40%.

And the problems will increase by 100-200%. They get lost, drag out time, do as they want. You will do it without me.

The agency (good by default) will do it right, but get ready to pay a lot. Moreover, you will do this constantly, since each revision will cost money.

And they will definitely be, as I wrote above, the human factor. Expensive = stable.

ABOUT! Can I make an application on the designer? Yes! You can do it all yourself.

True, only if you do not have a complicated idea and it does not require large and “fat” functionality. For implementation, you can use one of the application builder sites below: (Russian); (Russian); (English).
All services are paid. And this is logical. Not altruists. The cost is different, as is the functionality.

Everywhere there is a free trial period, so click on everything and find the one that suits you. It is also logical that English services are more sophisticated, but also more expensive. Russians are simpler and cheaper.
As you already understood, your application will be free because you create it in addition to the business, and not as a separate business.

Therefore, do not rely on a quick refund. This is not a quick deal. As well as not quickly creating the application itself. One or two months according to plan. Three to four in reality.

You need to make the application only with a ready-made and stable business. Or in the event that the application is the salvation of the business, and not its improvement.

In all other cases, there are plenty of alternatives to increase money and get it back faster.

Take your time when developing. This is not a site for you (although you can’t say that), editing it is much more difficult and expensive.

You need to approach wisely and in full combat readiness. After all, in addition to creating, you still need to attract people, and this is not an easy matter.

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