what about ActiGraph and Garmin?

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Date sent: 2017/05/26 03:44:37
Very interesting study, and very agree that the companies should share how they calculate everything..
Besides the devices in the manuscripts, I am also interested in other two devices: ActiGraph, and Garmin watch. ActiGraph seems to be used more in research, which has two accelerators, and it may be good at measuring calorie expenditure. Garmin is used more by outdoor enthusiasts. I wonder whether these two device can give more accurate, agreeable measure of calorie expenditure.
Date sent: 2017/05/30 09:56:15
I would also be interested in seeing Garmin devices included in the study. I'm using the VivoActive HR.
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Date sent: 2017/05/30 15:52:22
Thank you for the suggestions. We are currently finalizing the list of devices to use in version 2 of this study, and we will consider the Actigraph and Garmin.

Date sent: 2017/06/07 14:42:52
I believe Garmin, and others, use FirstBeat's technology. FirstBeat publishes many references for their devices: []

Perhaps FirstBeat is worth adding to future studies.

Date sent: 2017/10/27 02:34:06
just testing