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Date sent: 2020/09/02 07:29:56
Godaddy has been claiming to provide the cheapest pricing for .com TLDs, @ INR 99/- only. But before we get tempted to start registering .com domains with Godaddy, let us take a look at their renewal pricing that is much much higher than the other domain Registrars.

An apprentice in the world of Domains will obviously get drawn towards the Registrar claiming to be the cheapest domain provider, as they are naive enough to believe such claims. Before taking any words at their face value, we should do a bit of homework ourselves. Though the cheapest domain providers are the lowest in terms of cost, but they compromise on other aspects of their business such as slow or non existant support. These issues mount upto huge latent losses in the long run.

Now if we are thinking that should we go with costliest Namesilo promo code domain providers as they would be providing top notch services, then we'll end up grabbing the short end of the rope again. Over-paying for domain transactions will slowly bleed our business into losses and the extra services that are bundled into domain registration are most of the time not even required. It doesn't mean we cannot get our ideal fit for a Domain Registrar. There are Registrars that offer complete control over your domain settings by offering you master control panel to edit those settings as per your convenience. This drastically reduces one's dependence on their Support team and gives us a peace of mind.

For our homework, let's compare the overall .com TLD pricing for Short term and Long term Registration with each top Registrar:

As per the data represented above, we can observe that the Registrar claiming to be the cheapest domain providers are in fact not showing the whole picture. This strategy is mostly used to attract gullible new domainers to Register domains with them and then charge exorbitant renewal rates from the 2nd year onwards for the same. An old saying is most befitting for this case that "Don't judge a book by it's cover." , Detail:

Date sent: 2020/09/06 01:24:00
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