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Psychological anxiety

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It is a comprehensive and persistent tension as a result of anticipating an actual or symbolic danger that may occur, and is accompanied by mysterious fear and multiple psychological and physical symptoms. It may also be a symptom of some mental disorders, but it may continue to become an independent psychological disorder.

Reasons for anxiety:
Genetic predisposition.
Psychological readiness and a sense of insecurity that may be imposed by some environmental conditions and reasons that may not be clear to the patient.
Severe stress, crises, trouble, sudden losses, or trauma.
Conditions of stressful life and cultural and cultural pressures of modern life.
Childhood, adolescence and old age problems.
Anxiety symptoms:
Psychological symptoms:
Nervousness, tension, instability, feeling uncomfortable, excessive psychological sensitivity, easy arousal, and fear that may reach the level of panic. Likewise, lack of focus, absent-mindedness, disturbed power of observation, sleep disturbance, abundant dreams, feelings of fatigue and stress.

Physical symptoms:
Fast pulse, palpitations, chest pain, sensation of pulses in different parts of the body, temporary high blood pressure, difficulty breathing, sighs, feeling of chest tightness, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, indigestion, dry mouth and throat, loss of appetite, weight loss, sweating (particularly in the hands), finger twitching, paleness the face.

Anxiety treatment:
Psychotherapy to restore self-esteem, cut short the pathological concerns, and enhance the sense of security.
Environmental therapy or adjusting the surrounding factors to relieve the patient’s burdens or environmental pressures and stressors.
Medical treatment of anxiolytics and sedatives and the treatment of associated physical symptoms.
Fate of anxiety:
The fate of anxiety is considered very good, the shorter the duration of the disease, and the personality before the illness is balanced, and the patient's life conditions are comfortable and his cooperation with the therapist is stronger.


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