Things to consider when starting a bounce house business

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Hardly there is any occasion whether it may be a birthday party or a fundraiser event where an inflatable is not present. In fact, this has become so popular that along with kids, adults now also demand to include a bounce house in their party where they can have fun with their buddies. So, with this growing popularity, it is always good to start a commercial bounce house business.

Usually, you can set up an enterprise in two different ways: one which is used for renting the inflatables for any party or other occasion, and second setting up them at storefronts, where one can fill the space with different bounce houses and then it is used by kids who on a pre-decided fee. It completely depends on you what you want to choose.

Check this article to find out whether a bounce house business is the right choice for you and how you can start it easily.

Steps for starting an inflatable business

You have discovered the proper enterprise idea, and now you're prepared to take the following step. For starting a business you have to do a lot of work than just registering it with the state. We have prepared this easy manual to begin your inflatable enterprise. These steps will make sure that your new enterprise is properly planned and registered well with all the required legal compliances.

Step 1 - Plan your enterprise

Step 2 - Form a legal entity

Step 3 - Register for state and federal taxes

Step 4 - Create a Bank account and apply for credit card

Step 5 - Take required permits

Step 6 - Take proper insurance

Step 7 - Make a strong web presence

For a successful entrepreneur, it is always good to make a clear plan. This will assist you to find out the specifics for your enterprise and you can also determine some of the unknown and unique things that you should know before taking any decision. Consider the below points for planning -

What could be ongoing and startup costs?

Who is your target audience

What could be the best possible charges for your customers?

What would be the name and logo for your business?

Don’t worry we have already performed a lot of research for you. Check it out below -

What are the charges concerned in establishing a bounce house business?

Opening a commercial bounce house rental business calls for minimum overhead. As you will surely buy a high-quality bounce house that can serve you for a long time then you can expect an estimated cost of $1,500 and approximately $200 for shipping. We would recommend you to purchase at least 1 combo pack for which you can consider expenses up to $2,800. You’ll additionally need to plan a budget for a vehicle of sufficient size that it can deliver several bounce houses at a single time so won’t need to spend extra for other rounds.

The above research was for those who are willing to set up a business for rental purposes, if you are planning it in another way meaning for storefront purposes, check out this study. The expense of this type of business is comparatively higher than the above one. For proper planning of this step, you will require a large building and also you need to hire an architect that can give ideas for space planning. Make sure the building is filled with several types of colorful bounce houses and other inflatables. Along with this, you will need small rooms if someone wants to host a party there. You can expect an estimate from $166,000 to $250,000 to plan an indoor inflatable establishment.

Once you’ve obtained your space, you could start stocking your inventory:

Multiple commercial bounce houses of diverse sizes, the cost for a single house may range from $1,500 to $2,800.

Also, plan some kitchen equipment along with food and drink - tables, chairs, soda machines.

Party rooms - prepared with tables, chairs, and decorations

No matter which way you will select, you will require the following things for your business -

Insurance policy - Speak with an experienced professional for insurance, concerning the form of insurance your enterprise calls for.

Marketing materials


Ongoing expenses for an inflatable business

Again, the charges of ongoing expenses depend on what you are selecting and how you decide to plan a business. Experienced storefront enterprise proprietors suggest budgeting for the subsequent items:

Cleaning supplies

Labor/payroll charges

Energy charges


General Liability coverage

Business coverage

Repair and substitute for broken equipment

And if you are planning for a rental enterprise then along with the above things, you will need -

Maintenance and restore of your vehicle


Regardless of which path you select to shape your enterprise, coverage and payroll charges will constitute the biggest part of your price range.

Target Audience

Gone are the days when a business house is designed and planned for kids only. Now, you may find a lot of adults who love to spend their time jumping on a bounce house with their friends. It's totally up to you to whom you are considering your target markets. According to our research, we find that a lot of enterprises target children who are there for celebrating birthday parties. You can also plan for students who celebrate graduation parties, joint families who often celebrate their reunion, and some other big events. Along with this, you can target the audience of churches, businesses, and any fundraising event. Targeting from this will surely provide you a positive result for all your marketing efforts.

How can you make money with this business?

Well, no doubt once you have started this business you will generate a lot of profit. As you are new to this it is important for you to know the process of how you will make money from this type of business. An inflatable bouncing house rental organization generates sales from every occasion where they are supplying a jumping castle. And if the business is planned in a storefront way then the price which you are charging as an entrance charge for every kid entering and the charges for hosting and celebrating a birthday party for younger children will become your income.

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Have you also considered ride on scooters and bikes? They are a great alternative to a bounce castle and are loved by adults and children just as much!

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This post is super informative for those starting and sustaining a bounce house rental business and wanting to know the costs, what it's like to run one and the general upside of the endeavor. But I'd argue it's also important to think about starting small and just start with one bounce house and renting them slow and steady that's what we did at <a href="">Tallahassee bounce house</a>. This way you can that rent that one bounce over and over to start to save money and as you grow buy the things needed as you go. The important part is scaling correctly that way you're building to last and not buying the wrong items. By focusing on one, and then two, and then three. You're putting less pressure on your startup as opposed to taking out a big loan before starting to make money. All in all I would consider starting very small and building as you go as opposed to taking out huge sums of cash and doing it that way. All the best for those like myself who are out trying to accomplish this small business feat.