Special tips for long-distance college dorm move-in day

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Date sent: 2020/05/01 03:19:06
It is already a tough task to move your child into a new place with all the things to fit into one car that he/she is going to need there. But when it comes to a cross-country move, it becomes even more challenging. Nowadays, more and more students are moving out of the country for quality education. If you are also the one who is embarking on a long-distance college move and looking for the tips from cross country movers for a move-in day then this is the right place for you.

You can rent a car
Long hours of driving across the country can be daunting, therefore, renting a car will be a good option for you. One way rental is a good option to cut down the cost and to avoid the hassle of shipping items.

Tips to rent a car while avoiding unnecessary cost
Inspect the car: Take some time and inspect the car to check whether there are dings, scratches or dents. If in case these get unnoticed while renting a car then chances are that it will be billed when you return the car.
Stay on time: Most of the companies determine to drop off time according to the cost of car rental. Make sure you return the car on time to avoid any kind of extra charges.
Shop around: Just spend a few minutes on the internet for car rental from a genuine company while getting discounts.
No need to pay extra for GPS: You should not pay extra for GPS, use your mobile phone to track the location.

These tips will help you in avoiding any extra cost of car rental.

Locate a nearby hardware store

Though it is our priority to have all the items required for move-in day you will never know when the need for a small thing like a masking tape pops up. Therefore, you should locate a nearby hardware store so you know where you should go if you need something urgently on moving day.
Use storage bins
It is much easier to pack a car with storage bins rather than in trash bags and so on. These do not only help you to transport items safely but as well as boxes are much easier to lug up multiple flights of crowded dorm stairs once you reach in your college. It is a win-win situation for you to store all the items in the storage bins.

Sort and organize groceries

Make sure you sort and organize groceries based on their types. Remember that your packed food items should not smell like detergent. Make sure laundry supplies and food items go in different boxes.

Don’t forget to bring tools and first aid supplies

It is recommended you bring a basic toolkit with you that will help you on moving day. This toolkit contains all the basic tools such as a hammer, pliers, screwdrivers and so on. This will help you to deal with the minor repairs if needed during moving. Remember that you are going to move at long distance so, be ready for every issue that can come across.

Ship items or buy them when you get there

To move your move-in day easier and hassle-free, make sure either you ship items before time or buy them after you get there. If you are not going to take your car or if your car can’t contain all the necessary belongings then shipping items before you reach there is a good option. On another hand, if you want to save the cost of shipping then you can also purchase these items after reaching there.
A long-distance move comes with more complications than simply move so, it is recommended you to play a little more attention and be ready for every potential problem.

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