In-house Security Activities For Better Data Protection

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Security is a very crucial matter in a business. You have to protect each asset you own from damage, manipulation, and even vandalism. And for that reason, you have to do all you can to safeguard your data, both internally and externally through home security systems Houston and elsewhere.

Well, most times, we focus on protecting our companies from the outside world, forgetting that an inside job is also a possibility. One of your staff members might be the one to harm you. So much so, as you create a barrier from the outside, keep in mind that inside matters too. In this piece, we will be looking into those small practices you may implement internally to safeguard your data.

So let’s get down to business.

Secure desktops

In an office with a large number of staff members, it is evident that each or at least most of them have a monitor they work with. And if history is any indication, we know that it is very easy for one to access another personal computer, save data or even upload spyware without the owner’s knowledge. And the owner would go about their business, unsuspecting anything sinister. In the end, the person might be prosecuted for something they had no idea, which is quite unfortunate. Well, to curb this, it is best to secure everyone’s desktop. A password is a great way, but more sophisticated measures such as biometrics like pupil screen or fingerprint work better. This way, no one will be able to do anything with a monitor that is not theirs.

Segment LANs

When you have an open LAN system, it gets hard to trace any mishap. If an incriminating email was sent from one of the computers in a large organization, it becomes a challenge finding the culprit. But when you instead branch the LAN by segmentation, you will know which zone the email came from. Hence more accessible trace of the wrongdoer of the home security Houston.

Plug information leaks

Indeed you may have secured desktops, but it would be ineffective in scenarios that several people share a work station. You might know which computer sent what but you might not know who. Also, you might not even know of the email unless you had something installed to monitor the texts going in and out. Hence a plugged information leak protection measure such as an intrusion detection system. This system works using an algorithm that screens each text written in a computer in search for specific phrases. If any of the documents, books, and imagery contain these phrases, the system sends an alert to the security system for investigations. Indeed some may be harmless, thus examinations before concluding it is a threat. For a better success rate, make sure your employees do not know of the program as some might find a way to work around it. To catch a person’s pants down, make sure you have it preinstalled before they start working.

Monitor employees periodically

In as much as you have the software protections in place, you should never underestimate the power of physical monitoring. Install cameras, sensors, and alarms from the alarm companies in Houston, for instance. By keeping an eye on your staff members, you will see what they are up to. And in case one person is somewhere they are not authorized to be, you can promptly approach them with video evidence.


Taking care of your company’s integrity is up to you. You have to make sure that you and your staff members are on the same page to secure the secret of your business. On that note, make sure they sign a contract so that they are legally bound to keep their mouth shut and the data secured. Regardless, the steps above will reinforce the contact. Sometimes people cannot be trusted.

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