Ziptrak Vs Zipscreen – Outdoor Blind Options

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Date sent: 2020/11/05 09:46:52
Essentially, when hunting for outdoor blinds Australia this is common question. Saying this, Zipscreen is available pretty much world-wide.

Fundamentally, many people wonder what the main differences with these two prominent leaders in the industry are. Firstly, both have advanced Ziplock features for easy height adjustment for individual choice. As you may notice, both businesses begin with the name Zip. In addition, this feature first introduced by Ziptrack was absolutely revolutionary in outside shade options.

What is the Difference in the Locking Systems?
In essence, Zipscreen uses a simple bolt locking system that is simple, strong and effective. This is what is known world-wide as the Zlock. On the other hand, Ziptrak uses a similar bolt system but maybe has a few more choices. In my opinion, the Zlock is really safe and uncomplicated option.

Personally, I really do not want a multiple lock system I just need an effective solution. Another reason,
Originally, both businesses were founded in Australia. Specifically, Ziptrak has remained in Australia. While Zipscreen, exploded onto the international market. You can find Zipscreen commonly in the USA, Canada, South Africa & the UK. Basically,

What is a Common Complaint between Ziptrack Vs Zipscreen?
In my experience, Zipscreen has the edge on Ziptrack. Firstly, Zipscreen blinds can be customized more readily. For example, if you have a very wide space to cover. I would be looking to engage with Zipscreen products.

Another reason, in the past, Ziptrak had small issues with the rolling feature. Meaning, after the shades have been rolled up many times. It’s possible, to find small marks or knicks forming. Saying this, I do believe the company has been making improvements in this area. However, in my personal experience Zipscreen have been a step ahead in this area.

Basically, if you are going to create marks in the fabric

What Products Does Zipscreen Have?
In essence, the three main products that are offered by Zipscreen installers are:
1. Zipscreen (Original)
2. Zipscreen Extreme
3. Gear Box Straight Drop

Commonly, the Zipscreen original is the most commonly selected products. The Zipscreen Extreme is used for wider spaces. Lastly, the Gear Box Straight Drop is used for very wide spaces.

Specifically, if you would like more information, we suggest visiting True Value Outdoor Blinds. This is a Sydney based outdoor blind installation company. Which provides high quality services at affordable prices. However, if you do not live in Sydney you can still read the excellent information on the website.

A Brief History of Zipscreen Vs Ziptrak
Firstly, both companies were founded in Australia. As mentioned, with a focus to provide quality outside protection to the aussie consumer. Primarily, for verandahs, patios and balconies. However, the difference in 2015 Ziptrak teamed up with the American based company Rollease. Meaning, this made this type of versatile protection available to the USA & the world.

Specifically, Ziptrak markets to the Australian market. Whereas Zipscreen still has a major foot hold in the Australian market. To many outdoor blind installers, Zipscreen is the preferred product. For example, easier to customize and easy for solid installation. According to Jimmy Lommerse, the owner of True Value Outdoor Blinds in Sydney Australia. Tells me that you cannot go past Zipscreen and is willing to debate that with anyone.

What Was the Driving force for the Invention Outdoor Blinds?
Fundamentally, both products were created to withstand the harsh Australian climate. As an Australian myself I know only too well how erratic the weather can be. Australia is prone to extreme heat, extreme cold, fires, floods, hail and cyclones.

Therefore, protecting outside areas in Australia came down to years of planning, research and man hours. The result and what emerged were these two companies.

What is the Main Difference Between Ziptrack Vs Zipscreen as Companies?
As companies, and the products they deliver there is not a whole lot of difference to me as a consumer. However, after the research done, it was Zipscreen that suited us better