The first author of the law of attraction in Iran: Ms. Masih Jafarzade

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Date sent: 2020/11/15 16:35:08

When you talk about the law of attraction to a lot of people they’re think they’re need to sit somewhere and think they’re have something.
And then it suddenly appears in their life.


But in reality, that’s not true the law of attraction is a life style and a way of living where in it you need to work hard.

Of course not regular work but mental thinking and work.

In this context we will introduce to you the first writer of the book “law of attraction”
Masih Jafarzade how is one successful person as well as an entrepreneur.
And Owens several corporations and businesses.

She has dedicated several years of her life in the field of
“the law of attraction”
And Is also a writer on this field
And now offers people free educational videos on their Instagram page and website.

If you have questions about the law of attraction


If you want to use the law of attraction
If you are looking for a big change in your life
We suggest you check their free educational videos in the following: