Mitigating Social media Spamming with Online Identity Verification

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Date sent: 2020/05/08 14:17:32
Fake news - are all over the social media networking platforms that give birth to wrong perceptions. It is not difficult for spammers to be anonymous on social media. One individual can have multiple identities with different profile pictures and identity details. This leverage is misused that becomes the reason for various criminal activities over these platforms. For example spread of misinformation, junk posts, malicious executable link injection, malware spread, harassment, fake love contracts, and torture, etc. Other than these, financial crimes such as money laundering, terrorist financing kidnapping, and credit card fraud take place.

All these examples of criminals activities over social media platforms are due to open participation of unauthorized access over the platform. Anonymity is the root cause of these activities. To cope with it, dynamic actions are required that could help mitigate the risk of the above-mentioned crimes.

Steps that can be taken to stop social media Fraud?

Identification of legal entities in the social media platforms can help solve the problem of anonymity that is blowing up all the frauds. The reason is that if some individual is noticed to spread misinformation over the platform, it would be investigated and consider accountable for activity that could create complex circumstances. The process of transparent networking infrastructure can be ensured through online identity verification of individuals.

Identity Proofing

Identity proofing of customers is a process in which rather the customers are required to prove their identity to participate on the platform or get access to the account. Traditional passwords and PINs authentication methods are things of the past that could easily be tampered and become reasons for the breach of a customer information database. Secondly, identity proofing through unique identifiers, for example, a government-issued ID card or facial recognition can help build a community of unique real users that could mitigate the risk fo financial and other crimes of social media platforms.

Advanced Identity Verification solutions

Leaving behind the time-consuming identity verification methods, now advanced solutions are available that social media platforms can integrate into their system to verify the identity of each of their customers to keep the legitimacy of their platform intact. The innovative identity verification solutions include facial recognition in which at registration time, the identity can be registered by uploading a document having the details and pictures. The system will extract the information against validity checks and ask the user to verify the face. If the face at the document and the one system captures in real-time matches, an identity will be verified. Now at each sign-in, the user face verification will be done and the system will check the facial biometrics against the ones stored in the database.

Ensure a Trusted Customer base

Trust between the platform and customers is vital for any business. The social media users should be provided trusted services by establishing a base that includes only real users. This will contribute to a high brand reputation. Research by DataReportal says that there are about 3.5 billion social media users globally. Now it is the responsibility of social media platforms to not overlook the increasing spamming on the digital environment and take appropriate actions in the form of online identity verification to establish a unique and trusted customer base. It is also a regulatory requirement to secure the online platforms from fraudulent actors that are the reason for various criminals activities and use such mediums to perform an array of malevolent activities.

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