The Science of Lying: How to Spot When You’re Being Lied to by a Colleague

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It’s estimated that, on average, 80% of lies go undetected daily. It’s an instinctual behavior we have all had within us since childhood and use to varying degrees throughout our lives. It would be next to impossible to find somebody who tells 100% of the truth every day.

Having the ability to recognize a lie doesn't mean you’re a superhero and should start being a vigilante lie detector. However, it does mean you can protect yourself and recognize when things aren't as they seem in your place of work.

Below are five key points of detecting a lie.

Learn Their Natural Response

When talking to a colleague, it's essential that you get to know their usual way of speaking. By asking them ‘neutral’ questions such as asking their opinion about the weather, you’ll begin to understand how they compose their body and speech in a normal situation.

From here, you’ll be able to detect when they’re acting differently, thus when they could be lying to you.

Watch Body Language

A person's body language is another sure give away that they’re being untruthful.

Psychologists have noted that when a person is lying, they will often pull their body inward subconsciously. This is as an act of becoming smaller and less noticeable. Other signs that somebody is lying include hiding their hands and shrugging their shoulders in an almost defensive manner.

Micro Facial Expressions Give it All Away

More subtle ways in which a person will change when they are lying are within their facial expressions. These small changes are very hard to detect. They’re what people practice hiding during games that include lying in their strategy; this is where the term poker face comes from.

These micro-changes include pinking of the cheeks, flared nostrils, excessive blinking, and many more. We each have our giveaways. Like previously mentioned, learning how your colleagues speak naturally will help you find theirs.

Tone Is a Big Indicator

Another notable and more obvious way that someone is lying to you is their tone of voice in conjunction with cadence and structure. More often than not, people who are telling a lie will speak in a higher pitch and at a faster pace than normal. Sentences will also become more complex, and tall tales have specific details that you wouldn't usually recall.

You may also notice that the speaker includes themselves less in the story as they try to distance themselves subconsciously, making you only think of the other people involved.

Lying Takes Practice, and So Does Detecting It

Like any skill, lying takes practice to make perfect. Some people are better than others when telling a lie. Some colleagues will noticeably be squirming under pressure, whereas others you may never know if what they’re saying is true.

The same goes for lie detection. The more you understand the giveaways a person shows and put it to practice with your work friends, the more you’ll see the signs that they’re lying. What you do with this newfound ability is then up to you, but we suggest you don't go shouting liar at people in the office!

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