Poker Trackers Can Mean The Difference Between Winning And Losing Consistently!

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Serious Poker Players Swear By Trackers As It Does Assist In Knowing When And How Much To Bet.

As malicious as it sounds, poker is played to win! That is the long and short of the entire story. By using a poker tracker, a serious player can keep a running analysis of all hands that are being played currently during a game and keep an analysis of hand history of previous games played. This allows the user of tracking software to exploit other players’ weaknesses and ensure more wins. This knowledge is crucial especially to serious poker players and professionals. There is no better way to effectively gauge how other players bet, and their playing habits.

Exploitation of the weaknesses of the other players is part of the game itself. Calculating odds, and this is what trackers in poker do essentially, exist in all games of chance. Graphs and charts will help players adjust their own play based on previous statistics. It is not a means of cheating but rather a useful strategy that is now part and parcel of many poker players’ agendas while playing. Of course, anyone that uses poker trackers must take the time and energy to learn how to use them and learn how to analyze the statistics they supply correctly. Online, the results and statistics can be displayed in real time while a game is in process, or the history of the game looked up later and analyzed correctly. Trackers are especially useful when experiencing losing streaks as they can point out a player’s own bad habits not just his opponents’ vulnerabilities.

Not all poker trackers are created equally with some being much better than others.

The best poker trackers use a HUD (Heads Up Display) while a game is live which shows actual play statistics on a screen while the play ensues. However, in order to make the best use of the HUD that is included in some trackers, users must first spend some time learning how to correctly interpret the results they are seeing and how to then apply this learning to their own games. Just viewing a HUD display will not improve anyone’s game unless they devote some time to the learning curve needed to correctly understand and utilize this feature to their advantage. The real time displays should be studied and at a future time, the saved histories of prior games should also be studied to make optimal use of the HUD feature. Many that use trackers do not use them correctly unfortunately as interpretation of the statistics can be difficult. This does not increase their edge while playing but instead can decrease it. To ensure optimal results from a poker tracker, someone who already uses it should be consulted if necessary or course online that show how to interpret the data correctly can be enormously helpful.


Poker Trackers count a lot of statistics, all of which need analysis.

The trackers provide statistics on bets, raises, money in the pot voluntarily, money wins, flops, projections on monies won at showdowns, squeezes, and other behavioral and statistical information on other players that is combined with the history of the tracker user. While that does not sound complex, it may take approximately a few hundred viewings of different types of hands and styles of games, before any good predictions as to wins and losses can be made when using poker trackers. The good news is that if used correctly and understood effectively by someone it can and usually does produce a series of winning streaks at least intermittently. If someone plays routinely and plays for quite a bit of money getting a tracker can lead to increased winsand is well worth the time and energy spent to learn how to use it and analyze the HUD correctly.

Serious players and professional poker players swear by the trackers.

They know the value of using a tracker and the value especially that provides a HUD screen for real life viewing of games. These insights keep them from experiencing losses, if not increasing winnings at least. There are many types of flops, many types of bets, and many types of wins that trackers can assist with. When a serious player needs to know all these many variations of flops, wins, and bets, the tracking that has a HUD screen is usually always considered for use. While not everyone will want the same type of tracker, as simpler ones do exist, with majorities of players online trackers are obviously here to stay. In addition, there are many types of games, and thusly many types of trackers have been developed for each specific type of game. Knowing what is needed is half the battle!

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