What Are Some Of The Most Surprising Advantages Of Getting Botox?

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Date sent: 2020/05/13 10:06:01
If you are looking for a way to inform some of your patients about Botox, one of the best ways to do so is to tell them the following: "Botox acts as a barrier between the muscles where it is applied and the brain. So, if the brain is trying to tell these particular muscles to move intentionally or unintentionally due to neurological misfiring, the muscles will not move."

Dr. Matt Tahsini the Founder & CEO of Medical Spa shares some of the ways in which botox can help. The following goes into more detail into how, by helping the muscles become more relaxed, patients can receive cosmetic advantages as well as medical advantages when getting Botox. This list will help clients better understand why Botox may be an option for them to consider.

Prevent Droopy Brows

This is a Botox treatment that is often referred to as 'Brow Ptosis'. When a person has brows that are dropping, they can appear to be exhausted and sad even when they are full of energy and happy.

There are some patients who may have this cosmetic issue due to hereditary. If this is the case, a recommendation can be made from them to start exercising their facial muscles and adding fresh fruits and vegetables to their diet. However, for the majority of patients, they will need to seek some type of cosmetic and/or medical intervention to remedy the problem. When Botox is administered in the brow muscles, they will begin to relax and they can stay lifted and firm.


Prevent Abnormal Perspiration

When a person is sweating profusely and unpredictably, this is actually a medical condition that is known as hyperhidrosis. People with this type of medical condition may begin to sweat excessively even when they are in a cool environment. This can also occur when a person is at rest.

It is possible that your patients will not care about all of the details surrounding their hyperhidrosis. The only thing they are seeking is a treatment to get rid of it.

Be sure to explain to your patients that just as Botox can act as a barrier between muscles and the brain, it can also act as a barrier between their sweat glands and the brain. Botox can be very beneficial for patients who are experiencing extreme sweating in certain areas of the body such as the:

- Underarms
- Feet
- Hands

Remind patients that in order for Botox to be a long-term solution for their hyperhidrosis, they will need to be consistent with their treatments. They should have the procedure repeated at least every three months. It can be safe to say that most patients will opt for the succession of treatments instead of having to walk around embarrassed in sweaty, smelling clothing and shoes every day.

Alleviate Migraines

Many of the patients you are treating for migraines have possibly already read about the benefits of using Botox to treat migraine pain. This means that you will have an easier time convincing them to try the treatment, but it also means that you will have to tell them what they can honestly expect.

Despite what many migraine sufferers believe, Botox does not address the root of the problem. Instead, it helps to alleviate many of the primary symptoms such as nausea and sensitive to light. As a result, patients will be able to resume their daily routines without pain.

Balls Palsy Treatment

There are two options for using Botox on patients who have Bells Palsy. You can explain the choices to them as follows:

Botox treatment is administered to side of the face that is paralyzed. The muscles in the face will relax, and the treatment will also prevent unwanted tics.

Botox treatment can also be administered to the side of the face that is not paralyzed. This treatment is less medical and considered cosmetic. The movements in the side of the face that is more dominant will be relaxed, and the patient's face will look more natural when they are speaking.

Prevent Eye Squinting/Twitching

Patients who are willing to seek medical treatment for eye squinting and twitching are doing so because these movements are doing more than simply annoying them. Eye twitches can be consistent and rapid, or they can cause spasms that keep the muscles in a locked position for a long period of time. Furthermore, eye twitches can cause pain and even cause vision impairments.

For more information on botox and how it can help you visit Medial Spa.

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