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The June 20th 2002 Nation section of USA Today ran a story that we hear of constantly nowadays. It was reported in the article a family of four had been forced out of their home into camping in their backyard after experiencing the continuous harmful effects of mold . Some serious health issues arose with the couple and their two children, such as "frequent nosebleeds... and sudden memory loss of their teenage daughter." These symptoms, among other health problems, they suffered through because of of the mold had taken over their home.

Their unfortunate plight had become so deteriorated
That they had to resort to living in tents in the backyard of their once cozy home. Their daily routines disturbed, their security of a their house gone, and their happy home only a fond memory.

This family's mold troubles may not be exactly what you may be experiencing but toxic mold has often been linked by leading experts to dire health problems. It has been found that mold can cause symptoms such as allergy-like symptoms, rashes, persistent nasal congestion, runny nose, or coughing. Other common symptoms are irritated eyes, headaches, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, dizziness, respiratory problems, infection and even death for those who are chronically and continually exposed to mold.

It's a fact, molds can cause serious health problems. Worse yet, the different kinds of mold indoors, cause different symptoms in different people. To some it may just be a mild irritation while to others, they could become extremely ill. Scientists say toxic mold is not just the dark scum often found around the bathtub. Instead it can grow out-of-control unseen behind walls, in ceilings, under floorboards, and anywhere where moisture happens and is not properly taken care of. They'll eat or digest whatever they can grow on, and unchecked mold spores spread wildly. And those people who live or work in very damp, moldy environments can become sensitized due to the long exposure.

There are thousands of types of mold floating about. But all you know, all you care about is that you haven't been able to feel at "the top of your game" lately, the constant headaches seem to linger, the irritation of your eyes and skin are always there and the bouts of fatigue and dizziness are zapping the energy you thought you could have and had not too long ago. And you just want it to change, for the better. There are ways you can get started! Let Mold Dogs of Utah show you how...

Closer To Home...

How can you tell you have mold? Of course, there are the obvious signs, like mold on a surface, but sometimes a "scratching of the surface" can find much deeper problems. Here's some other signs to look for:

Signs of water intrusion (discoloration, peeling or bubbling of paint, bulging walls or ceilings).
Water intrusion (broken pipe, flooded basement, roof leak, etc.) not completely dried out within 24-48 hours.
A musty smell.
Persistent physical symptoms that seem to lessen when the sufferer is not in the suspected indoor space.
Any of these signs can be very good indicators that you have a mold problem. It could be something else, but are you willing to take that chance if it isn't?

When Should You Consider A Mold Inspection?

Your family's health is a treasure indeed, and having mold that stalks and hampers your health, and of the one's you love, may become critical. Can you afford to leave it to chance that "it will pass" or "it will take care of itself" Or that "the mold will just miraculously vanish"?

From professional experience, we can tell you that having a mold-sick house doesn't go away. It tends to worsen day after day, week after week until you cannot bear to be indoors with it; thousands of your hard-earned dollars will need to be spent to clean and repair what the mold destroys, as well as the thousands of dollars that the home insurance carrier will charge you in higher premiums. And not to mention the additional thousands of precious dollars lost in your home's value when it is stuck with the "mold house" label.

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