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In the new era, almost all of us have now headed towards the webcams and Video meetings replacing the meetings and conferences that were earlier held in person at school, college, work and offices. Many of us now rely on "Zoom” to stay in touch and communicate with our team remotely.

Now, here are the tips that anyone whether who is new to this world or just used to it may use these tips for better experience while communicating virtually with your team or friends.

Profile Photo on Your Account

Whenever you edit your profile picture, take some more time to upload your photo. It may help you to show a nice image to the participants whenever your video is disabled. Also, always use professional image whenever you are dealing with your clients or vendors.

Display Names

This may be not so important whenever you are on call with the people you know or friends, but if you do regular sales calls more often, then use the setting of display names.

Go to Settings

Video and check “Always display participant’s name on their videos.”

Zoom Meeting Reminder (Mobile)

The reminder from the calendar often goes ignored. Always keep “turn on” your Zoom meeting reminder so that you may not miss your important scheduled meetings.

Touch up Your Appearance (Filter)

During the virtual meetings with your colleagues/friends, you may always want to look nice during video conferencing. Zoom’s feature of “Touch up my appearance” will help you to apply a filter that will enhance your looks removing the faults in your skin and gives you a softer focused fairly natural results.

Zoom virtual background

If you want to hide your messy room from your colleagues, Zoom's virtual background is great to change the background of your virtual meeting space. It will let you sit in front of green screen removing the real clutter of your background. Zoom virtual background (default) is limited in options.
You may set up a right custom professional background, office background as per your convenience to give your meeting a professional touchup.

Use of Mute to Reduce Noise

If you are in a place, where there is a lot of noise, always turn your microphone to mute whenever you are not speaking. You may also set your microphone to mute when joining a meeting. Only unmute it whenever you are speaking.

Record Meetings on Your Computer or Zoom Cloud

Zoom always let you record your meeting or call either directly to your local or cloud. Remember, the option of the cloud is for premium user only. This may be helpful to those who were somehow unable to attend the meeting and may watch what was discussed or takeaways from the meeting. User can stream directly from cloud up to 120 days.

Invite Anyone into Your Meeting Quickly

Zoom lets you invite someone directly into the meeting by sharing the URL of the meeting.
'Settings> General,' check 'Automatically copy Invitation URL to Clipboard after meeting starts.'
This feature from Zoom makes it ultra-easy to invite anyone to the meeting.

Zoom keyboard Shortcuts

There are certain keyboard shortcuts which will make your zoom experience super easy.

1. Invite someone: Use (Ctrl+I) to open the invite window on PC to invite someone to the meeting.
2. Recording: Use (Ctrl+R) to start the recording of any meeting. Use (Ctrl+P) to pause and record the meeting.
3. Share screen: Use (Alt+shift+S) to share your screen to the participants
4. Mute or Unmute Audio: (Alt + A)
5. Turn off and on Video: (Alt + V)
6. Camera Switch : (Alt + N)
7. Raise and Lower Hand: (Alt + Y)

These shortcuts mentioned above are for Windows PC users. Mac users just have to replace the Alt key with the Apple or Command key.

Sharing documents onscreen in a meeting

The great thing about Zoom Meetings is, whether you want to share a document, a presentation, a video, or an image, Zoom has the capabilities to it for you.

See who attended

As a Meeting host, you may always want to have attendance and records of the attendees of that particular important meeting. You may also collect information from the attendees about themselves before joining the meeting. This feature is available in the My meetings tab of Zoom Webapp. you will have the record and detail of the persons who have attended the meeting.

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Zoom Virtual Backgrounds for the video conferencing enables us to keep our space private and more comfortable on the video calls. These Zoom Virtual Backgrounds makes our Video calls much more creative and engaging.

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