Caloric expenditure low and high?

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Date sent: 2017/05/29 20:25:17
Your article states that the devices are off quite a bit for caloric expenditure, and "IMPLIES" that they estimate the wearer is burning way more than actual. Could there be instances where the opposite is also true, where it grossly underestimates caloric expenditure. When I do a 60+ min spin ride, or bike outside with hills and very high HR (90 min)....the caloric expenditure on my FitBit registers about 120 calories. Thanks
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Date sent: 2017/05/30 15:50:25
Yes, the devices both over-estimate and under-estimate. The error varies by individual. The general trend was for the devices to underestimate energy expenditure when subjects were stationary, walking, and cycling. Conversely, devices tended to overestimate energy expenditure when people were running and exercising vigorously (i.e. performing a VO2 max test). The error varied by individual and was found to associate with factors such as BMI.

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