How to Perform the Roku wireless setup ?

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Date sent: 2020/03/04 09:42:45
Having high-speed internet connectivity is mandatory. Then complete the hardware setup of your Roku. On completion of the hardware setup of your Roku streaming player, start the wireless setup of your Roku device. To start with, in your Roku remote, press the home button. Then select Settings and choose network. Nextly click the setup connection option. Finally, choose the wireless option that appears on your screen. Now Roku will scan for the networks that are available in your locality. Finally, choose your network and enter your network ID and password. After wireless setup, complete the activation process. Login to your Roku account and link your account and your Roku device. On linking, you will see the activation code on your screen. Visit the website and enter the code. Finally, click the submit option.Our direct helpline number : +1-844-710-6060.

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