The ultimate Looking slick laundry guide for men

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How much thought do you have when choosing your underwear? Have you been faithful to the same style for ages or do you try something new? Because underpants are not just underpants! It is definitely worthwhile to think a little more about your men's underwear. What is the purpose of the panties or boxer shorts? What outfit are you wearing? And last but not least: which model fits your figure best?

What underwear for men?

Basically, we can first distinguish 3 types of laundry for "bottom": briefs, wide boxer shorts and tight shorts, which are called retro pants. But which model fits which man?

1. Briefs

The panties are tight-fitting underpants that are characterized by the lack of leg inserts. So no fabric can slip or look out from under shorts. As a rule, this type of underwear is suitable for athletes. For example, there are also many functional models that have this cut. But the panties are also the right choice for men who prefer very tight jeans. Nothing appears or slips under slim-fit trousers.

Since briefs cover up only the bare essentials, they are best suited to athletic men with a well-trained stomach and legs. If this does not apply to you, the following rule applies: the more belly you have, the more inconspicuous the colors and patterns of the briefs should be.

By the way: Due to the dimensional stability of the fabrics processed by Lookingslick, the panties no longer have anything to do with the worn-out fine rib love slayers and can even look really good!

2. Boxer shorts

The wide fit and the elastic waistband makes this type of men's underwear a favorite of many men. A comfortable fit is guaranteed with this model. As a rule, men's boxer shorts have an opening that can be closed with buttons.
Since the shorts do not fit snugly and play around the body, they are well suited for fuller men. The wide boxers are also the right choice for fans of colors and patterns, as they are available in many different variations. Stripes or checks in particular are popular patterns in the laundry drawer.
But be careful: the wide boxer shorts are only suitable under wide pants. In tight models or dress pants, the boxer shorts stand out or slip slightly.

3. Shorts or retro pants

Retropants are the perfect mix of briefs and boxers. They fit tightly and with leg inserts under every outfit. Nothing slips due to the tight fit, but the shorts are elastic and provide optimal legroom. No wonder this model is the favorite of every second man.

There are different names for the tight underpants. Depending on the cut, one speaks of boxer briefs or trunks or retropants . The boxer briefs are characterized by a higher waistband and a longer leg insert. With the trunks, the waistband sits on the hip and the legs are shorter.
Men with more belly should make sure that the cuff is relatively narrow and does not contrast in color, as this directs the focus to the belly.

What material?

So the fits are clear now. But there is another important feature that should definitely be considered: the material! Because it is important that the fabric feels comfortable and that the skin can breathe.

Most men prefer cotton for their laundry. The natural material is kind to the skin and can absorb a lot of moisture. Long-stacked, super-combed Pima cotton from Peru is used for the Looking slick laundry series "Casual Cotton" and "Noblesse" . This creates perfect comfort. The hand-picked cotton is only harvested when it is perfectly ripe and without defoliants, so that you can leave the fabric on your skin day and night without hesitation.

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