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If you feel suspicious about your spouse or partner, or you are a parent and notice the withdrawal syndrome typical of teens and adolescents in your children, you might want to consider monitoring their online activities. As much as it is possible to spy on a phone these days, it can be challenging to find an efficient spy app. One of the most important considerations to make while looking for the best spy on the internet is security.

In this article, we will show you the ten best apps to show you how to spy on someone’s Android phone SPY without them knowing for free.
#1 SPY24
It is virtually impossible to compile a list of the best free spy apps for Android without a target phone. Using this app, users can source data from both Android devices and the more impenetrable iOS devices. Perhaps, most importantly, this can be done remotely, regardless of the location of the target device.

The SPY24 app keeps track of call logs, record messages, social media activities. It tracks all data on the target’s device virtually.
Why We Rate SPY24 High On This List.
1.1 It Has Unique Features

Online Dashboard

You do not need to download any application to use SPY24 on your device. SPY24 is very convenient, as it has an online dashboard that can be operated from any browser you choose to use.

Root Not Required

If you do know a lot about tech, then you are most probably aware of all the benefits rooting your device presents to you. However, it has its shortcomings, some of which are a massive compromise to the security of your device. With this, there is a considerable risk of having your device getting bricked. Unlike a lot of other spying applications, SPY24 works with or without root.

Data Security

SPY24 is particular about the data security of its users. To make sure users’ data do not fall into the hands of hackers and malicious internet users, the platform doesn’t keep track or store the data of its users’ on its servers.

Customer Service

SPY24 has a good customer support program. In addition to having guides that can help first-time users navigate through the platform quickly, users can also have a live chat with the support team or submit a ticket should they require extra assistance.
1.2 What SPY24 Offers
A subscription to this app’s premium service gives you access to over 30+ features accessible from the platform’s dashboard on your web browser. Although it has a flurry of features, the following are our favorite of them all.


The keylogger is a significant plus for this android spy application. This is because there are only a few spy apps that come with keylogger access. Some of them do need a mobile device to be rooted. On SPY24, you can use the keylogger feature whether your device is rooted or not.

Note: Using SPY24, you can seamlessly read the social media messages of the target user.

Call Monitor

SPY24 call Monitor feature enables you to see the call logs, also giving the option for recording phone calls.

Location Tracker

Pretty self-explanatory if you ask me. The location tracker gives a live update on devices, and they have time stamps alongside.
1.3 Don’t know how to use SPY24?

Step 1 – To begin spying on someone’s device, you must set up an account firstly, then sign in with SPY24. When signing up, you are presented with different subscription plans to choose from based on your needs.
Step 2 – Once the sign-up process is completed, you will need to select the Operating System(OS) of the target device. If your target device is an iOS, you will be prompted to fill in the iCloud credentials to proceed. And if your target device is based on Android OS, you must get in touch with your target phone to initialize the installation process.
Step 3 – Once you complete the steps above, you are ready to begin your spying adventure!


It can be used to block any app on the phone of the target user.
Through the control panel, one can send remote commands like wipe data or record phone surroundings.
Can keep a log of calls and the exact location of the target phone.


It is a paid platform

#2 Spyine
Spyine allows you to spy on the data of a remote target device (Android or iPhone) and offer a web service that presents various meaningful solutions on these devices. Spyine is famous worldwide, from big tech names and brands giving the App a high rating. Regardless of your technical know-how, Spyine offers an easy to use outlook in a straightforward dashboard.

Phone Monitoring

Spyine provides a free spy on a smartphone without installing any software on the target device.

Spyine implements a stealth design in Mobile phone OS (Android & iOS), ultimately making the app the most sought after spy app without a target phone.

App Installation Not Needed!

With Spyine, there is an ease-of-use, as it allows you to access all of the metrics and data from a target device and shows it to you in a user-friendly dashboard. If you want to obtain the data off a target Android device, you will need to have access to the target phone a few times to monitor all set and working correctly.


Phone Monitoring around the clock.
Easy to use.
Works cross-platform.


You need to access the phone a few times to get it working.

#3 Spyic
Like every other app on this list, it is an excellent option for a phone monitoring app on your Android and iOS devices.

Spyic has made a global appearance throughout a handful of major leading tech platforms, Huff Post, Life Wire, since the inception of the app into the marketplace for taking a significant stand as an excellent spy app.
How to Get Spyic Up And Running?
Setting up Spyic takes not more than 10 minutes!  You will need to create a free account; your email address will be your username and used to verify your account registration.


No rooting/jailbreak necessary.
It cannot be detected on Target’s phone. It is a Ghost App.


Subscription prices may be pricey.

#4 Spyier
If you have been reading this post up to this point, you must be wondering, what about parent-children spy apps?

Spyier has you covered. It was designed with the average parent in mind. We are aware of the inherent dangers of the internet. While we cannot entirely keep the kids off the internet, we can monitor their online activities.
What Does It Offer?

Message Reader

All incoming and outgoing messages are kept track of and can easily be accessed from your web browser.

Social Media And Location Tracker.
Browsing History

Not only does Spyier keep track of the websites visited, but they also give data of the visit frequency over a period.

Installing Spyier

There are many search queries on the internet, asking the same thing – “Can someone spy on my phone without touching it”? Let’s cut to the chase. Yes, that’s a possibility.

With Spyier, you definitely can. If you have your device synchronized across multiple other devices, all you need is to input the iCloud credentials on the linked device and Viola! Spyier is up and running.


Easy To Install and Setup.
Less than 3Mb Android download requirement.
No Rooting Or Jailbreak Required


It runs on a device background, and as such, may drain the battery.

#5 ClickFree
ClickFree is marketed as a leading app for clear-cut phone monitoring.

The App allows you to discreetly keep close tabs on just about any device through your web browser.
Click Free Offers

Fast Monitoring Updates
Privacy Features
Security and Reliability.

On Click Free, you have a detailed follow up of every activity on the target device all around the clock.


It is secure
One-click Installation
Safe and free


There are none really, giving the features it offers for free.

#6 Neatspy
Neatspy is a pioneer in the spying app space. It is legal to use the Neatspy App, and it works without needing to make changes to the target device. Creating a neatspy account is relatively straightforward. You can log in to the account using a browser. Easily, Neatspy is one of the best spy apps right now and consistently has been delivering some great results.


Works without jailbreaking device
It has a stealth mode.


The UI may not look appealing to some users.

#7 Spyzie
As we know, lots of spy apps promise lots of features. However, most often than not, they fail to live up to the billing. In recent years, the IT firm has widened their feature lists covering Social Media monitoring for most social media platforms. You do not need to install the Spyzie app on the target device.


Easy to set up.
No installation is needed on the target device.


Not as efficient as the competition.

#8 Xnspy
Xnspy gives you access to monitor a target Android device yet respecting the user’s privacy. However, the same isn’t right with the price as it doesn’t fall in place with other competitors. Xnspy provides a wide array of features and parental control applications, primarily focused on controlling and setting time limits to children’s use of their devices while also blocking their access to dirty websites.


Blocks applications remotely
You can install this app without being noticed.
Can record phone calls in addition to monitoring messages
Can remotely lock target device


Lacks content filtering
No Trial period.

#9 Spyera
Spyra used to be a significant player in the apps spying world. It packs many features offering a lot of different methods to get data off a target Android phone. Spyera lost its place as it’s pricing began to get huge, really huge. With the influx of new competitors, spyera just couldn’t keep up and lost severally to the newcomers.


Uses to be high on just about any list.


It’s a shadow of its past glory.

#10 Spygig
Spygig is one of the parental control/spying apps that gives guardian/parents the administrative privileges to monitor calls, texts, social media chats, and a lot more features.


It’s a full stealth app.
Offers keylogger features.
Can easily access the target Devices.


Ambient recording mode not available.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can someone spy on my phone without touching it?
Yes, someone can spy on your phone without touching your phone. You can set it up on your device and use it to keep tabs on other devices you are linked with.
How to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing for free?
A lot of these spying apps have free trials or are entirely free. And most of them also have a stealth feature that will perfectly keep the app icon away from the app drawer tray and the list of installed apps on your phone, making them invisible.
What are free spy apps on cell phones without installing software?
SPY24 is one of such apps that does not need you to install any software. You can easily visit the dashboard from your web browser online.

Final Thoughts

There goes our comprehensive list of the top spy apps on Android without a target phone.

And probably, you have found the best App to spy on someone’s phone. We hope this list will guide you to select the best spy Android apps for your adventure!