Missed Call Numbers of Private Sector Banks in India

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There are many types of bank which are operating in India. But in most of the cases we classify the banks in India into two categories. And they are public sectors bank and the private sector banks. We have both the public sector as well as private sector banks which are performing very well.

But we Indians like to have a bank account in the public sector bank more. There is a huge percentage of our population which will agree with my fact. There are various factors that come into the picture when this question of trust arises.

If you want good service and you feel the customer should be treated well then you will probably need to have a bank account in a private bank. Because, the treatment which the customer gets in the private sector bank is just incomparable. We just can not compare that with the treatment which we get in the public sector banks.

There are banks like IDFC FIRST Bank whose tagline is Where you are first. They actually treat their customers very well as I am one of their customers for many days now. They just not treat their customers good they are performing well in the business as well.

The same is with the Axis Bank they are one of the leading private sector banks in India and they offer good banking products. Even they treat their customers really well but the only issue with this bank is about the monthly average balance. They are very strict about it and if you don't maintain your balance you will be charged for that.

In this guide you will find the missed call balance enquiry number of almost all the private sector banks that are operating in India.

What is a Private Sector Bank?

The actual meaning of the private sector bank is this is a financial institution that is into the business of proving banking services. But these banks are owned and operated by a private firm or organization.

Even when these banks are owned and operated by private organizations they have to follow the rules and regulations of the government.
In our country our Central Bank which is the Reserve Bank of India takes care of all the rules and regulations in the banking sector.
Axis Bank, IDFC FIRST Bank, Federal Bank, and ICICI Bank are some of the examples for the private sector banks. Whereas State Bank of India, Canara Bank, and Bank of Baroda are some examples for the public sector banks.

What is Missed Call Number in the Banking Sector?

In India the banks offer more than 7 ways using which the customers can check their bank account balance. Missed Call Banking is one of those 7 ways.

In missed call banking all you have to do is give a missed call to the bank number form your registered mobile number. And you will get a message from your bank which will have your bank account balance.

It works as simple as that and is totally loved by the customers of almost all the banks. And that is the reason why even the small finance banks, regional banks are offering this service to their customers.

I have personally seen many people who have saved the missed call banking number of their bank in their contact list. Whenever they wish to know their account balance they will just give a missed call and done.

So here the phone number which your bank will be providing to use this service is called as the missed call number in the Indian Banking Sector.

Is this Service Free of Cost?

Yes, you will not be charged anything by your bank to use this service of missed call banking. There are no annual charges for this service.

You will not be charged anything by your telecom operator as well. Because you are not going to talk with anyone over the phone. You are just going to give a missed call.

And in India you can give missed calls for free as long as you have an active plan on your mobile number. But here you should note one thing.

That is this service will work only if you are using your registered mobile number. If you are trying to use any other mobile number or landline number you will not get any message from the bank.

What is the Registered Mobile Number?

When I say this service won't work if you are not using your registered mobile number I am very sure you will have this question in your mind.

Let me answer this for you. This is the mobile number that you have submitted to the bank when you were opening the bank account with them.

If you are unable to remember then let me make it even more simple for you.
This is the mobile number on which you receive the message of the bank. The bank will be sending you messages whenever you make any kind of transactions in your bank account.

In case you have multiple SIM Cards running on your phone. Just open your messaging app and look for the message you received from your bank. And at last, make out to which SIM card you have received that message, it will be your registered mobile number.

Missed Call Numbers of the Private Sector Banks in India

We have discussed a lot of things about the missed call banking and how it is used. Before we check out the missed call numbers of all the private sector banks in India. Let me tell you where I found this information online. I referred to an article published by Akash Navi on Bank With Us.

1. Axis Bank: 18004195959.

2. ICICI Bank: 02230256767.

3. HDFC Bank: 18002703333.

4. IDFC FIRST Bank: 1800 2700 720

5. Federal Bank: 8431900900.

6. Kotak Mahindra Bank: 18002740110.

7. IndusInd Bank: 18002741000.

8. Yes Bank: 9223920000.

9. Bandhan Bank: 9223008666

10. IDBI Bank: 18008431122.

11. Karnataka Bank: 1800 425 1445

12. Jammu and Kashmir Bank: 18001800234

13. Nainital Bank: 09289592895

14. RBL Bank: 1800 419 0610

15. South Indian Bank: 09223008488

16. City Union Bank: 9278177444

17. Dhanlaxmi Bank: 8067747700

18. Tamilnad Mercantile Bank: 09211937373

19. Catholic Syrian Bank: 9895923000

20. Karur Vysya Bank: 09266292666

21. Laxmi Niwas Bank: 8882441155.

22. DCB Bank: 7506660011.

There are a total of 22 private sector banks in India. And the missed call balance enquiry number of all the banks have been mentioned above.

So what are you waiting for?

Find your bank, save the missed call balance enquiry number, and give a missed call. You will instantly receive a message from your bank about your remaining account balance.

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