Privacy Tips and Tricks for WhatsApp (No Third Party Application Required)

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Date sent: 2020/05/27 04:10:24
Touch Id / Face ID for WhatsApp Security

Everyone wants to keep their messages secured from the unwanted users of your phone. Many people have the habit of peeping out in your personal WhatsApp chats. If you want to put the double security on your WhatsApp, then the iOS user can put extra security of Face ID or Finger ID even if your iPhone is unlocked. The best thing is thatit will still let you reply to a message right from the notification bar. You will also be able to attend the calls even when your WhatsApp is locked. There is also the option of scheduling the time when do you want your WhatsApp lock to get activated.

iOS Users-

1. Go to Settings
2. Tap on Account and then click Privacy
3. Click on Screen Lock
4. Toggle to Require Face ID or Touch ID
5. Select the required time duration (Immediately, After a min, After 15 Min, After an Hour)

Hide & Prevent WhatsApp Images and Videos from Appearing in Gallary

It is great to share the Pictures and videos on Whatsapp. But someone might not want to get their WhatsApp Images in their Gallary.

The separate folders get created in the Android Smartphone to show images under Gallary. On the other hand, all the WhatsApp images are saved in the Camera roll.

But the trick is, you can turn this to off and prevent images to show in the gallery.


1. Go to Settings
2. Tap on Chats and toggle off “Save to Camera Roll”.


1. Tap on Settings
2. Click on Chats and Toggle off “Show Media in Gallery”.

Change automatic saving preferences of images or videos for specific chats (individual or Group)

This feature is also extremely useful in the WhatsApp. You can change the preference of automatically downloading the images or videos of a specific group or a particular individual. All the chats are always set to default except you change them individually for specific chats. You may want to save all the images from the family members while you do not want images to get downloaded from other chats.


1. Click on Chat and tap on Specific chat
2. Tap on contact or subject at top of display
3. Select “Save to Camera Roll”
4. Set it to “Always” or “Never”.

Download and view your WhatsApp data report

If someone wants to see the report on what data WhatsApp collects on you, You can always sent an request to the WhatApp to produce the report. They usually take 3 days to produce your report. You may then download the report and view it for analysis.

iOS and Android:

1. Go to Settings and tap on Account
2. Click on the “Request Account Info”
3. Tap on “Request Report.”

Turn your words in WhatsApp message to “Bold”, “Italic or “Strikethrough”

Sometimes, when you are chatting with someone, you may need to put more emphasis on certain words. Whatsapp has this cool feature that lets you change your words to Bold, Italic, or Strikethrough.

iOS & Android:

1. If you want the word or phrase to be bold, just add an asterisk on both sides of the word or phrase. Eg- *BOLD*
2. Similarly, for Italic, you need to add underscore on both sides of the word or phrase _ITALIC_
3. Add the tidles on both sides of word or phrase to ~STRIKETHROUGH~

All these WhatsApp Tips and Tricks are extremely useful in your daily usage of Whatsapp. Stay in touch to get more on WhatsApp Tricks and Tips.

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