Auto Industry Revolutionized With Lithium-ion Battery

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Date sent: 2021/02/13 05:43:44
JB Battery From China is the first major golf car maker to present a lithium-ion (li-ion) golf car and experts within the field of battery power share the consensus that li-ion batteries enhance the operation and longevity of golf cars compared to conventional lead acid batteries.

Consumers also have been quick to adopt the newest technology with golf club supervisors and purse string holders realizing that the advantages of li-ion golf automobiles ultimately outweigh the first up-front expenses.

A golf car using a li-ion battery includes a considerably enhanced power-to-weight ratio. To put a figure on this, a normal li-ion battery in an golf automobile weighs 23kg, when compared with a typical lead-acid battery which weighs about 150kg. This dramatic decrease in size and weight of the battery ensures the golf car could attain higher speeds with less effort and take more weight with no energy fading as well as the functionality decreasing.

This huge weight reduction permits the lithium-powered automobile to carry the equivalent of the additional two year-old adults as well as their equipment before reaching capability. This can be made possible because lithium ion batteries hold the same voltage outputs whatever the battery's charge. Because of this, the golf car proceeds to perform following its high-value counterpart has shown signs of exhaustion. In contrast, lead acid batteries eliminate voltage output and performance after 70-75 percent of the battery capacity is utilized, which has a negative impact on carrying capacity and the matter is highlighted as the day progresses.

Among the major benefits of li-ion batteries is that they require no maintenance whatsoever compared to lead-acid batteries which need routine maintenance and checks. This finally contributes to saved man hours and the extra costs of maintenance tools and products. The deficiency of lead-acid implies that chemical spills are averted as well as the likelihood of downtime in your own golf cars is radically reduced.

However, it is still important to take care of any vehicle or machinery to protect it for a long time of usage. Among the biggest factors in regards to the tear and wear of golf automobiles is the weight of them; a heavy automobile is more of a challenge to push uphill or on irregular terrain, and can damage turf especially in moist conditions. The reduction in weight when using li-ion batteries protects turf and removes unnecessary strain on wheels and other components on the golf car.


Regardless of the type of battery, electrical vehicles still need to be billed. This may be a hassle if you do not own a fleet of golf cars or a schedule which allows time for charging in between uses.

Golf cars will need to be able to maintain consistent speed and power on a range of terrains.


The lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacturer JB Battery website says,"Driven with a zero-emissions, greener battery technologies, JB Battery vehicles shield the Earth using less energy." This statement is supported by the very fact that li-ion batteries require considerably less time to fully charge, and the life span of lithium-powered batteries is more than lead-acid counterparts.

However, both are recyclable that is only a positive thing for the environment.

Many golf clubs now have environmental policies in place, a few of which are overseen from the Golf Environment Organisation (GEO) and other official bodies. The debut of li-ion golf cars has given nightclubs another route to enhance environmental sustainability on the golf course within a market that's always striving to lower its carbon footprint.

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