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A lightsaber or sabre laser is a fictional power sword featured within the Star Wars franchise. A typical lightsaber or sabre laser is depicted as a luminescent blade of magnetically contained plasma about three ft (zero.ninety one m) in size emitted from a steel hilt round 10.5 inches (27 cm) in length.


The lightsaber is the signature weapon of each the Jedi Order and their Sith counterparts (using purple bladed sabers), both of whom can use them for melee combat, or to deflect blaster bolts. Its distinct look was created utilizing rotoscoping for the unique movies, and with digital results for the prequel and sequel trilogies. The lightsaber first appeared within the original Star Wars movie[a] and has since appeared in most Star Wars motion pictures, with at least one lightsaber duel occurring in each primary film installment. In 2008, a survey of roughly 2,000 movie fans discovered it to be the most well-liked weapon in movie historical past.

Prop construction

Covered with tens of millions of tiny glass beads, has the property of reflecting gentle directly again to its supply. It's the identical materials used for reflective road indicators [and lightsaber props.

For the original Star Wars film, the movie prop hilts were constructed by John Stears from old Graflex press camera flash battery packs and different pieces of hardware. The full-sized sword props had been designed to look ignited onscreen, by later creating an "in-digital camera" glowing impact in submit-production. The blade is a 3-sided rod which was coated with a Scotchlite retroreflector array, the identical kind used for freeway indicators. A lamp was positioned to the facet of the taking digicam and mirrored in direction of the topic via forty five-diploma angled glass so that the sword would seem to glow from the digicam's point of view.


The lightsaber sound impact was developed by sound designer Ben Burtt as a mix of the hum of idling interlock motors in aged film projectors and interference brought on by a television set on a shieldless microphone. Burtt discovered the latter by accident as he was in search of a buzzing, sparking sound to add to the projector-motor hum.

The pitch changes of lightsaber motion have been produced by enjoying the essential lightsaber tone on a loudspeaker and recording it on a transferring microphone, generating a Doppler shift to mimic a shifting sound supply.


The Star Wars expanded universe adds several lightsaber varieties, together with short and twin-section (adjustable length) weapons. In Star Wars Rebels, Ezra Bridger's original lightsaber is a hybrid that contains a absolutely useful blaster pistol built into the handle. Kylo Ren, introduced in The Force Awakens, makes use of a lightsaber that options two crosshill blades, giving it the appearance of a greatsword. His blade additionally has an unstable, fiery appearance, explained in canon reference books as stemming from a cracked kyber crystal. The Inquisitors of the Galactic Empire are depicted as wielding a unique variation of a double-bladed saber, mounted on a rotating ring enabling the blades 360 degrees of rotation and brief-time period flight functionality. More obscure lightsaber variations, such because the "lightwhip", an elongated flexible blade used in a matter akin to a whip, the "lightclub", an enlarged commonplace lightsaber, and the "shoto", a dramatically smaller variation often paired with a standard sized saber have additionally made appearances.

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