How to Reduce the Bounce Rate on Your Email List

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Date sent: 2020/05/28 03:57:28
Email marketing is not as easy as you could be thinking. You spend so many hours to acquire the email addresses of your potential customers from various platforms like Google, Crunchbase, and AngelList among others. However, it is a marketing strategy that you cannot afford to overlook because of the high returns.

The bounce rate of email addresses is a metric that counts the number of emails that are returned to you because the email addresses were invalid and the emails couldn’t be delivered. If there are too many, Google will rate your emails as spam and this will affect your reputation. Some of the reasons for bouncing of emails include invalid email addresses, domain name, email server, IP reputation, and spam content. To reduce the bounce rate, you can;

1. Use Double Opt-In Email List Only
This entails only sending emails to people that you have permission from because they explicitly opted-in by clicking on a link in the initial confirmation email. It is the simplest way to minimize the bounce rate of your email. These users subscribed to your email newsletter or registered to try your product or service. They will be giving you permission to send them emails in future. If the subscriber does not opt-in to your email list, there is a high possibility that he will mark your emails as spam. Avoid sending mails to such people because it can increase your bounce rate and damage your email reputation.

2. Update Your List of Subscribers
Email bounce rate takes place because your list is cluttered or stale and hence you can’t distinguish between the relevant and irrelevant emails. Staying in touch with your subscribers will keep your list updated and clean. A tool like the mailfloss email checker will help you remove invalid email addresses automatically. You will be able to significantly reduce the bounce rate and send your emails in front of the most ideal customers. Also, give users the option to update preferences and unsubscribe. You need to clean your email list at least once in six months. However, you should not use your first campaign as a way of cleaning your email list. It is advisable to use a professional tool in cleaning your email list like mailfloss.

3. Verify the Email Addresses
Making sure that your email addresses are valid is a sure and dependable way to reduce your bounce rate. You will succeed in your email marketing campaigns if you verify your email before you even add them on your list. If you overlook this step, you will be hit by hard email bounce rate. Some popular tools to help you validate your email addresses include mailfloss, zerobounce, and Xverify among others.

4. Send Your Emails Consistently
When you have a more consistent schedule for sending your emails, there is a high possibility that you will do away with the bounce rate. If you are inconsistent with sending emails, the subscriber may forget that he had consented to receive emails from you. At the end, they may mark the emails as spam. However, it is not just about sending regular emails. Make sure that each email that you send is of high-quality. The emails should have compelling subject lines, images, and content that are interesting enough to the reader.

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