Caring For Garage Doors

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A garage is designed to provide a great service by helping your vehicle stay stafe from the elements as well as from thieves, but there are times when things just don't work as planned. Sometimes garage doors fail to open, stop locking properly or start to show signs of age. Garage door services can be expensive, but there are some things you can do yourself with the right tools from These few tips can help your garage door stay in good operation 12 months out of the year.

Loss Of Power

Imagine that the power to your door suddenly goes out while the door is already shut. You need to move your vehicle out of the garage, or you will be without transportation. Take a look and you will probably see a cord that usually has a red handle located just below the guide track that helps the door open and close. This is what is known as a manual override. After it is pulled, you will be able to use your own power to raise and close the door.

Garage Door Freezes

When cold temperatures cause your opener mechanism to stiffen, power can be lost. However, door openers manufactured in recent years come with pressure adjustments for both the raising and lowering function. You can make adjustments to such settings each season to ensure that things always work as intended.

Garage Door Sag

Doors that start to sag can become more and more difficult to open. Garage doors that are older and those made of wood are vulnerable to sagging resulting from gravity and time. If you have a door that is saggy, it is possible to get them back to square by using tension rods on the rear side of the door. Rods should be placed on a diagonal line from the top to the bottom corners, and they can be tightened to bring the door back to straight. Adjustments can be made gradually to allow the door to accept the correction. If your door did not come equipped with these rods, they can be purchased at home improvement stores.

Locking The Door

You have brought your car inside and away from the weather, but it is not totally safe if the garage door will not lock. The majority of doors come with two bars positioned horizontally that move from the door's center into slots along its side. This serves to lock the door into position. With the passage of time, these can move slightly out of their places, rendering the lock mechanism ineffective. To help get things back on track, unscrew the brackets that sit at the door's edge just to the point of movement and move them back into the right spot so that the bars easily move into their slots. The lock mechanism can then be lubricated with a bit of oil, and that is it.

Oil Staining

Following any car repair job, you are likely to spot an oil stain on the driveway's surface. Take a scrap piece of drywall and crush it with a hammer. Take the crumbled material and sprinkle a handful on the oil stain. Let it sit overnight and rinse well the next day. If the stain is especially stubborn, apply the crushed material again and use a broom to brush it into the stain.

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