How to Deregister iMessage Online

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Date sent: 2020/06/05 10:54:05
Now, If someone wants to switch their iPhone to any other OS based phone such as Android, Windows, Oxygen etc, Apple made it easier for all by releasing its Deregister iMessage Tool. This was not announced by team Apple openly. This tool lets you deregister iMessage online from your iPhone or iPad.

Now, people who do not have access to their iPhone and want to deregister it from the phone then they need to visit the Apple Deregister iMessage Page. Just enter your mobile number in the box provided and click on the Send button to get a confirmation code. Enter the code you received on the iPhone to deregister the iMessage. But if you still have the access to your Apple iPhone, you just need to put your SIM card in the phone and open Settings app. Navigate to Messages and slide off the iMessage.

This web-based tool was released by Apple when the company faced a lawsuit from the various Android and other smartphone users regarding the complaint of undelivered text SMS from other iDevices using iMobile.

The very first time when iMessage was introduced back in 2011, the registered users of iMessage started to notice this problem. iMessage lets the iOS users send the text messages by using the WiFi or cellular internet data. It saves lots of money that your carrier charges you for the SMS service. For efficient working of iMessage, Apple keeps track for the mobile number of user, and whenever any other iPhone users end a message, it shifts up it to iMessage. This issue of not receiving the messages was common since the launch of iMessage. The messages were routing to iMessage even when the user moved to another operating system. Now users who switched their smartphones from Apple to another device, and forgot to disable iMessage, were not receiving any SMS from other iPhone users. They have the only solution that they need to deregister the old device from their Apple Accounts.

Now Apple is taking the right steps to solve this problem that people are facing with iMessage. This Deregister iMessage Tool is released very late by the Apple but we hope that it will be of great help to those who switch phone frequently between iOS and Android. It will ease to deregister iMobile online without having an iPhone or iPad.

Date sent: 2020/06/05 11:45:34
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