Pros and Cons of anti-aging HGH therapy

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The body depends on the human growth hormone (HGH) for a number of important functions. As children, the hormone helps in growth both in height, bone, and muscle. It also helps in organ development and function.

The pituitary gland, located in the base of the brain, is where this growth hormone is produced. There is a supplemental hormone produced by the liver, insulin-like growth factor-1, that acts as a natural booster for HGH effectiveness.

One of the key things naturally produced human growth hormone does is help with cell replication. Cells in a person's body are constantly dividing and replicating, but they are affected by external forces. One of those is the amount of growth hormone. Those will two little of the peptide hormone will face dwarfism while those whose bodies produce too much have gigantism.

Human Growth Hormone and Aging

Human growth hormone's link to growth, energy, bones and muscle strength has promoted the idea that it is an anti-aging solution. The idea that injecting this hormone will reduce aging symptoms has become so popular that it has turned into a billion-dollar industry. That is especially true among Hollywood's elite.

Before discussing HGH's effects on aging, you must understand aging itself. As people get older, a number of functions begin to slow down. All body organs begin producing fewer hormones, enzymes, insulin and other things they typically produce. Metabolism and brain functions slow as part of this process. This lowered function is what results in aging effects like wrinkles, hair loss, muscle loss, weight gain, loss of concentration, and loss of energy.

Many problems are attributed to hormone loss, such as lowered HGH. People lose around 50 percent of HGH production after age 40 with more lost yearly. A search for a higher quality of life, while aging, has prompted many to turn to HGH Therapy. More about benefits of HGH for anti-aging you can find here - …/hgh-benefits-for-anti-aging/.

There is some evidence that hormone therapy can help increase metabolism, which can solve a host of aging issues. There is also some evidence it help skin look healthier and provides more energy.

There a couple of problems with using human growth hormone for anti-aging. First, it's illegal because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved it for that use. It is approved for those who have a true hormone deficiency or other types of illness that results in lowered hormone production.

Second, taking HGH outside the circle of medication doctors and proper testing is dangerous. Side effects could even include some cancers and death.

There hasn't been a lot of verifiable testing that growth hormone can stop aging. There are studies indicating it can help those with hormone deficiencies to lose weight. Growth hormone production and weight are closely connected as the amount of belly fat you carry contributes to a lowered amount of growth hormone produced by the body. There is currently testing to see how it can be used to battle breast cancer.

How to boost HGH naturally

For those who don't have a hormone deficiency, there are natural ways to boost your human growth hormone levels. Here are some things you can do:

.Take arginine
.Sleep well
.Change your eating haibts
.Do high intensity exercise

Fasting is foreign to most people because food is all around and readily available. However, fasting two to three days every once in a while will boost your growth hormone levels by as much as 300 percent. A week-long fast can increase hormone production by as much as 1,250 percent.

Arginine is an amino acid that works well to boost levels when taking while resting. It is less effective if taken prior to or during exercise, according to doctors.

Sleep is important for increasing human growth hormone levels. Science proves that growth hormone production is at its peak while you are sleeping. Likewise, those who don't sleep well or enough have lowered production. You can try different things to enhance your sleep like setting a specific bedtime or reducing time on electronic media an hour before bedtime and opting for a book or magazine instead. Melatonin is a good natural supplement that helps create sleep.

Creating good eating habits will also help boost HGH. Experts advise reducing sugar because sugar causes your liver to produce more insulin, which lowers hormone levels. You shouldn't eat a lot before going to bed either because that will also raise insulin production and prevent growth production from reaching its peak while you sleep.

Doctors say all forms of exercise are good, but a high-intensity workout is known to dramatically increase growth hormone production. Things like cycle training, aerobics and sprints work well. Intense workouts regularly will also reduce your body fat and that will also increase production.

Those who feel they have a hormone deficiency that is causing aging-related problems should get checked to see if hormone therapy can help. You will need to see a doctor and get a blood test. A blood test will indicate your hormone levels. Then your doctor can help you decide if hormone therapy is right for you. For more information, please contact HGH Therapy Clinic ( in any comfortable way.

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