Sigiriya – The "Eighth Wonder of the World", Sri Lanka

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A beach town in Eastern Kenya, Sigiriya is also known as "Cheweler's Queen", because of the simple life it offers its residents. It was originally a trading post but later became a famous port of call, with a rich history that stretched back to prehistoric times. The well-preserved village of Sigiriya that remains intact today has lived up to its old name of "Cheweler's Queen" by providing a comfortable, friendly atmosphere for its residents and visitors alike.

Things to Do in Sigiriya

When you visit Sigiriya, you will find that it is small and yet you can get more than what you expect. Here are a few interesting things that you might find here:

A traditional village - Most of the houses in Sigiriya in Sri Lanka are made out of clay, this makes it a beautiful island-like architecture. The wealth of Sigiriya village can be seen from the number of houses that have been left as they are just the size of the basic house in an average American town. The beauty of the village is truly remarkable and really represents its rich history. It is still owned by the younger generation of the younger generation.

You can enjoy a vegetarian dinner - During your stay in Sigiriya, you will find that there is no non-vegetarian food served here. As the city has gained popularity as a tourist destination, people have started thinking of eating vegetarian food. Even though the selection of vegetarian dishes is not so many, it is still a good start for vegetarians looking for a foodie tour to go on.

Luxury hotels in Sigiriya - Some people would never think of Sigiriya as a seaside resort, but there are many luxury hotels that are located here. This means that you can go and enjoy some island-like living without being a fish out of water. These hotels provide excellent services and provide a tranquil place to relax and unwind, while on your seaside tour to Sigiriya.

You can find a variety of entertainment centers in Sigiriya - Here you will find traditional African, Asian, Indian, and multi-ethnic population that welcomes people of different faiths. Sigiriya is indeed an exciting city, where you can find different kinds of communities living side by side. The combination of different kinds of communities creates a wonderful sightseeing experience that everyone will love.

Go for a safari tour to Sigiriya - Traveling to Sigiriya alone may not be that simple as it sounds. The safari tours that are offered here will offer you an opportunity to travel to Sigiriya by car, horseback, or bicycle. You can enjoy the magnificent view of this seaside resort from your safari ride, and you can see Sigiriya the way it used to be, before it has been transformed into a modern, affluent and diversified tourist destination.

Find out about the famous Yirrkala caves - Sigiriya is a location that is well known for its diverse, eclectic, and many popular activities and cultures. The sprawling desert landscape of the region makes for fantastic wildlife tourism where you can also see elephants, giraffes, and buffaloes, all within a few minutes drive away from Sigiriya. For the hiking enthusiasts, you can go trekking in these deserts, which gives you a more intimate view of the area.

Explore the amazing rock formations - In Sigiriya, you will find that the coastal villages surround the rock formations that were formed by the sea. You can explore these rock formations yourself and enjoy your exploration.

Take your children to explore the rock formations - You can take your children to the rock formations where it has been formed by the sea. It is one of the most fun things to do in Sigiriya. This is also a great family activity for the children to learn.

Enjoy a walk in the fresh air - Try to take a stroll in the areas that are not really surrounded by concrete and buildings. They are mostly plains and are the best places to visit while enjoying the serene views of the seashore.

When visiting Sigiriya, you can discover many options that you could use to enjoy the wonderful scenery of this resort.

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