Spectrum TV, Internet and Phone Packages In California

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Do you live in California? When you bundle Spectrum services, you’re putting two or more services into one package. This allows you get some of Charter Communications best services bundled into an affordable, one-price package. This means you can get Spectrum high-speed internet, cable TV packages (including HD channels) and home phone bundled in one bill.

Spectrum in San Diego, California offers several bundle packages including TV Select and Voice, Internet and Voice, Double Play, and Triple Play packages. The Triple Play Package comes in three tiers of Gold, Silver and Select, all carefully designed for the maximum entertainment of different households. All Spectrum TV packages contains more than 125 channels with the inclusion of HD channels, unlimited calling nationwide, 100 Mbps and you also get DVR service for a year.

An Overview Of What’s Included In The Bundled Package in California

Spectrum TV: With Spectrum TV you get 125+ channels (including free HD), on-demand programming, on-the-go TV access, access to some topnotch movie channels such as Cinemax, Starz, HBO, The Movie Channel and Encore.
Spectrum Internet: This service offers Spectrum high-speed internet, Spectrum Internet Security Suite, Parental Controls, enough bandwidth for every member of the family and streaming across multiple devices.
Spectrum Voice: some of the features of this service include speed dial, unlimited long-distance and local calling within the US, Puerto Rico and Canada, 411 and 911 services, huge savings on international calls, Caller ID, call forwarding, readable voice mailing, call waiting, voicemail and 3-way calling.

Some Benefits of Spectrum Bundle Packages

1. Huge Savings: When you choose any of Spectrum bundled packages in Los Angeles, CA, you save a lot of money. For less than $30 each, you can get the basic bundle. When compared to paying for the services separately, you get to save a lot of money in the long run. You also get to save on activation and installation fees.

2. Quality Entertainment: Every member of the family has access to quality entertainment because Spectrum bundles give you the best Premium TV channels, plus you have high-speed internet to stream your favorite service, play games and so on.

3. Quality Education: Each of Spectrum’s bundles give you access to the perfect set of tools for your education. Whether you want access to an educative program on TV, you want to self learn on the internet through sites like YouTube and or you want to access a University’s online education program, you can do all that and more with Spectrum’s bundles.

4. Quality Videos: A bundle gives you access to full HD. This simply means you get to watch videos with the best quality as you get images that are about 6 times sharper than SD.

5. Extra Fast Internet: Spectrum packages offer you internet speeds that go up to 940 Mbps in some places. How’s that for fast? That’s more than enough for your high bandwidth activities such as streaming and online gaming.

6. The Ultimate Communication Tools: When you combine Spectrum mobile and/or home phone it gives you access to unlimited local phone, long-distance calling, international calls and fast internet service. You have the ultimate communication tools.

7. These services cover every communication channel you can think of, giving you consistent Upload and download Speeds. Spectrum internet isn’t just fast, the upload and download speeds are consistent across devices. So two devices, your home computer and your tablet can play the same video and it will show on both as opposed to having one device play a YouTube video and the other not doing the same because of different upload and download speeds.

8. Access To On-the-go Digital Networks: The Spectrum TV app lets you catch up on any show you want on any device, anywhere you are. Some of the digital networks include ESPN, HBO and Disney Channel.

9. Access To On-demand Features: Spectrum TV gives you access to over 10,000 shows and movies including on-demand shows from NBC, ABC and CBS. If you want access to amazing pay-per-view experiences such as concerts and boxing matches, the on-demand feature also gives you that.

10. Secure Internet experience: With online phishing, hacking and identity theft on the increase, coupled with viruses and malware attacks that are on the rise, the need to protect yourself is strong. Spectrum Internet Security Suite gives you protection. This means that both you and your devices are safe and your devices can run optimally.

There are many other benefits to getting one of Spectrum bundled packages in California. Considering that the individual packages have so much to offer, the bundled packages will blow your mind with the incredible services packed into one. While some people have been telling others to cut the cord, these services and their benefits are too good to lose out on.

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