Northern Vietnam Tour Off The Beaten Track

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Planning a holiday? Want to go somewhere off the beaten track? Why not try Vietnam this time?
Let me tell you something about Nothern Vietnam and its incredible beauty off the beaten track. After that, you will be inspired to plan your next adventure and experience it yourself.
Northern Vietnam is a beautiful part and its area of tourism are more beautiful than you can imagine. The mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lakes and jungles all together form a life-time collection of exploration. This guide will show you some tips about where are the best destinations for an unforgettable Northern Vietnam Tour.
Destinations where you can experience Northern Vietnam off the beaten track

1. Dong Van Loop, Ha Giang
Since the 1970’s this Vietnam destination is also called the ‘Final Frontier’. The place is isolated from the rest of the country as it forms a natural land border with China.
The park is covered with incredibly beautiful and big soaring mountains, glaring steep ravines and incredible Dong Vast Karst Plateau.
Ha Giang is simply navigated by the Dong Van Loop that leads the motorbikers through Vietnams majestic landscapes.
You can have fun riding the motorbikes as well as living a life of the village and meeting village people for a better experience.
2. Ba Vi National Park
A statue of Ho Chi Minh and a dedicated temple of Uncle Ho sit at the top of the Ba Vi National park, wonder how many tourists come and wants to visit this amazing place. The place is completely jam-packed of the crowd in the holidays and on weekends.
It’s just a stone’s throw from Hanoi so all the tourist visit Vietnam always go first to Ba Vi National park, is just like local icon in the country and everyone whether they are a tourist or the local love to visit the park in holidays.
There is a rumor in Vietnam that the great independence leader is buried somewhere in the Ba Vi National park and it is just wax model in the mausoleum of Hanoi. On top of that, Ba Vi is known as the spiritual and auspicious place.
The best thing to do when you visit Ba Vi is to take your own transport so you can explore all the wonderful places in the park and stay as long as you want.
3. Cao Bang Geopark
The park is 300 km far from the capital Hanoi. The park is known for its diverse landscape and for its spiritual and cultural values.
The place is spread over 6 districts of the Cao Bang province. Most tourists come to see the biological diversity with abundant flora fauna species and ecosystem.
4. Mu Cang Chai
Mu Cang Chai is a place where all the farmers farm their crops and the harvesting of rice is found there.
The rice terraces are the most famous thing around Mu Cang Chai as you should have seen some photos of the rice terrace.
The tourist love to visit this place because of the fields that you cannot find anywhere else in this country.
5. Da Bac
Da Bac is a place that is made by three communities who want to bring tourism into their country or in their state. Da Bac offers the tourist a homestay, with plenty of food to eat, trekking, delicious home-cooked meat, sport water that is authorized to two out of three communities and many other cultural activities.
The bathing ritual in that place is to make your blood circulation better it is also called Red Dhao Remedy.
6. Ba Be National Park
BaBe National Park is situated in Northeast of Vietnam with its charming Ba Be Lake. This destination is most suitable for nature and adventure seekers. You can trek through the jungles, discover hidden caves, kayaking and swimming in Ba Be lake.
It is indeed a rural paradise.
7. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
Tourism are set to go to this place as the park have a beautiful cave that many people love to visit. The cames is named Soon Doong Cave as a local logger discovered it and sealed the fate of Phong National Park for good.
I say the park is quiet and will give you a peaceful time so you can relax and enjoy the scenery.
The other thing is that the bombing between America and Vietnam war took place in this park as the scars of the bombing are still there and give a beautiful touch to the history of the war that you will love to see.
You can also cycle there as the park is a peaceful place and can reach all the way to the Laos border where you can see another beautiful place and it is the largest Karst Park of the world.
You can all sorts of adventure their such as caving, hiking, zip lining and much more adventures things that you love to do.

These areas of Northern Vietnam are the best for adventure that will give you extra joy and a mindful of the experience. If you want to discover the areas to the fullest, let try Majesty Of Untouched Northern Vietnam Tour 6 Days to get off the beaten track for a full exploration in North of Vietnam.

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